Sunday Prayer Request- Please Post Here For Your Weekly Dose Of Support

Happy Sunday Little Peanuts!

My friend Sonya at Sonya’s Happenings and I would love to welcome you to our Sunday Prayer Requests.

A prayer request doesn’t have to be a formal prayer, it can be as easy as sending warm thoughts or sending words of encouragement is welcome anytime!!

I feel like this week needs a lot of prayers. This COVID-19 virus is getting scary. Schools are closing here.
Even the movie theater has announced they will only allow 50% full theaters.

Alice’s school closed for the next 6 weeks. AND Boys & Girls club as well.  I am hoping that means Selena and Dan will bring Alice up here for her to stay with us.  With both Al’s parents working, so someone would need to work from home? Or take off emergency leave?  It’s just a mess.

This weekend Idaho has gotten slammed with winds and snow. The winds up here are so strong they blew down 6 trees on our property along with our electric pole. So far two days without power.

I would love some prayers for our linemen. It’s in the single digits and 8:00 pm and they are still working. It’s COLD and 40 mph winds!? These poor guys!!

So, if you are new here; Sunday Prayer List is a way for us to help each other. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on. Prayer List is a place we can listen, offer sympathy, encouragement or send prayers, good thoughts and show some love to those in need. The weekly posts aren’t really a religious posts. It’s sending good thoughts, healing thoughts and prayers to those that could use some help. You don’t have to be a religious person to send good thoughts into the universe for your fellow Peanuts as well as the requests from Sonya’s site too.

Feel free to leave a prayer request or a prayer if you want. Sonya and I want you to know you are important to us.

Happy Sunday.


  • heather

    I enjoyed reading this post. I so believe in the power of prayer and think we all could use some good prayer protection these days.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d ask for continued prayers or good vibes for my physical therapy. I’m using the walker now to get in and out of bed, etc., instead of the standing lift. And boy my ankles and legs ache. I know I just have to keep going and get past this just like every other phase along the way but it feels like something ought to be easy just once.

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