Sunday Remodel Update

I know y’all are just sittin’ at the edge of your seats for these remodel updates. (Yup, I AM a funny girl!)

The Husband got the fridge in it’s spot WITH the ice maker working. It’s no longer in the livingroom! Can I get a WOOOO HOOO!!!

The microwave is attached to the wall!! I HELPED!!! Okay, so mostly I just made sure that the whole thing didn’t move while he attached it to the wall but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO counting it as helped!!

The stove is in too!! THIS is progress!!

Still waiting for the rest of the cupboards to get finished and the counters, but we are making progress.

Isn’t that a beautiful stove?? And it’s so CLEAN!!! Let’s never use it okay?!?!

Oh the PUPPY side. We managed to go 2 days without an accident. Today we start over. DANG good thing that this little girl is cute!!!

We have a bench just outside the front door. I like to stack rocks from our walk or just around the house on the bench. (truly, since I first saw them in Yosemite I’ve been obsessed with rock stacking) Bear will bark and growl at this stack or just sit and stare. It’s the funniest thing. 

Day or night. That rock pile is very INTERESTING to Bear!!Unless of course she is sleeping! 

Are those the cutest Groucho Marx eyebrows or what?! Not to mention that butt!!


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