Who get’s a puppy while they are moving into a new home? WHO?!?! WhY?!?

Why?!?! Why did I think a PUPPY, A P-U-P-P-Y would be a good idea?? WHAT was I thinking?! Insanity. That’s it. I’m positive. I have gone bat #&^% crazy.

Boxes stacked everywhere. Where there are no boxes items FROM those boxes are laying around just waiting for puppy chomping. I swear this dog is going to answer to NO long before she learns her own name. 

I am NEVER I repeat NEVER-EVER moving again. EVER! E-V-E-R!!

Anyone wanna come over help unpack? At this point just shove it in cupboard and close the cupboard. We won’t ever open that door again. Okay?

So much more to do…….. and Connie just HAD to have that puppy…. yup, insane. Yup. Yup.

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