Why Should Women Go Cycling Every Day?

For the woman to gear up into a cycling kit and ride for hours may seem daunting and a dream. It takes a lot of dedication to riding hundreds of kilometers each day, it would be overwhelming, and you don’t have to look at that way.

Getting on your bike each day does not have to be a chore and you can simply ride for your pleasure, whether it’s to the corner shop, to work or hundreds of kilometers the benefits of riding your bike every day are enormous. At any level of your ability and fitness committing to riding your bike have many rewards. There are so many health, social and benefits for the community as a whole. Let’s explore just how rewarding cycling every day can be a woman.  

Is Cycling Benefit your BODY?

Benefits of Riding a Bike Every Day:

  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Build strength
  • Get flexibility and good balance
  • boost energy and metabolism
  • Increase your stamina

It is achievable for every woman from childhood to mature age, when they are not able to do any stressful exercise. It is a low impact sport, so it does not put excess strain on any one part. In this stages a Cruiser bike is best fit for women riding. Today you can even get bike seats specifically designed for ladies only. These are specially designed for the female anatomy, so you remain comfortable no matter how long you are in the saddle. If you also wear specifically cycling attire, the shorts have a chamois sewn into them for more added protection against chaffing and bruising. You can ride all day every day. What fun!

State your Mind

Do you ever wish you could just get away from it all, relieve stress and just change your perspective? Riding a bike does this and a lot more. Riding a bike to your destination as an alternate means of transport allows you to miss all the road rage of traffic, reduce your footprint later on the earth, gives you time to contemplate the simple things in life. It is relaxing, exhilarating and you will have a lot of fun.

How long since you had fun in your life, where you couldn’t get the smile off your face? I love bike riding and the more I ride the more I get out it. You see the world from a different perspective, getting the opportunity to enjoy the journey, smell the roses and appreciate the environment around. When you arrive at your destination you are invigorated and ready for whatever life throws at you.

For The Community

Imagine a society where everyone was riding bikes, how amazing would the environment be around and everyone in the community.  The flexibility allows you so many choices, like shopping with your bike with the best bike basket, shopping is a breeze not a chore. Parking your bike in front of the shops instead of struggling to find a car park within five blocks of the center.

Going to your local market and picking up the latest product to cook your favorite meal for that special family celebration is a joy instead of being a chore. There is not fuel and noise pollution you get from a car, you notice things and interact with your environment that is not possible when you are stuck in traffic. It is an amazing feeling to be actually able to reduce your footprint, contribute to the sustainability and living a proactive lifestyle.

Take the European city of the Netherlands for example, it is a preference to ride your bike instead of relying on transport and it is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient countries in the world. Just imagine from your bike, I can wave to a neighbor, say hi to a kid, smell the flowers, the neighbors’ dinner cooking. Even better, make long lasting friends by joining local cycling groups and ride with the fellow cyclist. What a great way to meet people, join in the community and make friends.

Ride for Yourself and Others

The list of good things when you ride your bike for your self is many, but it also benefits others. You can help so many people by riding your bicycle, aspiring others and raising money to build awareness for fellow cyclists and the for women. The Veloroos a team of female endurance cyclists share their passion for cycling and setting new boundaries to motivate and inspire more women to become cyclists and achieve their own goals.

Their two-wheeled adventures prove to both men and women you do whatever you put your mind too. They encourage others to join in the celebration no matter which you are, you are welcome. By sending out invitations and positive inspiration to all via their social media, ‘Join us for part two of our video series, as a part of this October’s Women’s Ride Month, as we celebrate all forms of women’s cycling, encourage you to get back out on the bike, cycle more on and off-road and enjoy the freedom of riding again.’

They recently did a race around Ireland to raise money for the late Amy Gillet Foundation, even if you were not directly involved you could enjoy the celebration and add your support with donations. The race was mentally challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

Women cycling everyday has so many benefits they are endless to record. The one thing that sticks in my mind, which is the most important, is you and I. Ultimately, better health, peace of mind, increased confidence and self-reliance is not a sacrifice it is a gift to yourself. For a better life of health, fun and fitness get on your bike and ride!

Author Bio:

Sophie Elise is a passionate cyclist, author and blogger. She is very passionate about writing on different types of women’s bikes, accessories, health, fitness and more and regularly writes on Sportsly.NET

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