Quick and Easy Ways to Ease Stress for All Ages!!

The right amount of stress can be very motivating. It can encourage you to get things done at work, at school, and at home that you would otherwise put off. However, the stress in many people’s lives isn’t this kind of stress.

In today’s world, stress is pervasive and persistent, and it’s destroying our health. If we don’t learn how to manage stress, we can suffer from lower immune function, decreased cognitive abilities, and chronic stress can even cause adolescents to develop coronary heart disease later in life.

Destressing takes a little work, but it doesn’t take as much work as you might think. Here are a few quick and easy ways to ease stress that are perfect for all ages.


meditating woman

If you haven’t heard about all the health benefits of meditation, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s even being used in schools to help children destress and re-center themselves. With a little practice, meditating can be quite easy, and you can do it anywhere at any time, making it a great way to destress while you’re at work.

If the thought of sitting in the lotus position and humming ‘Om’ throws you off, know that meditation doesn’t have to look that way. Meditation is all about mindfulness and being present. Even taking a few deep breaths while closing your eyes and sitting on the couch can be extremely helpful in decreasing stress levels.


Stress and anxiety frequently go hand-in-hand, and if you’ve ever been anxious, you know how hard it can be to sit still. Especially if you’re dealing with an anxious or hyperactive child.

Meditation probably isn’t the answer in this particular moment, but exercise could be! Studies have shown that exercise is a great stress reliever.

Even moderate exercise can distract you from your troubles, providing you with a much-needed reprieve from high stress levels. It increases endorphins, it can increase your self-confidence, and it can help you sleep better, which can help you deal with stress more effectively the next day.

Nearly any kind of exercise will do! Try:

  • Going for a walk
  • Doing yoga
  • Stretching
  • Riding a bike
  • Shooting hoops

Any activity that gets your body moving is a great way to relieve stress!

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude journalAnother surprisingly easy way to lower your stress levels is to practice gratitude. This is an especially effective practice to do with children. Take a few moments each day to share what you’re thankful for, even if it’s something small, and you’ll find your stress is greatly reduced.

To get the most out of practicing gratitude, start a gratitude journal. It only takes a few minutes each day. Plan to write three things you’re thankful for each night before you go to bed and you can reduce your stress levels enough to sleep better.

Don’t let stress take control of your life. With these tips, you can ease your stress, which will greatly increase your quality of life.


  • Nancy C

    My son does yoga moves at his preschool and he love it. His teacher chooses a pose to go with the letter of the day or the theme of the week.

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