No Frills

Here’s my weekly no frills progress report (okay who are we kidding? Of course there will be frills!) I’m happy to report another 1.5 pounds gone! That makes 4 pounds total.

Walked Monday thur Friday with Kaki. I’ve added my weighted vest to my walking attire to burn more calories. The vest has weights you can add or subtract. I have 20 pounds in the vest now. (Think Ghostbusters and the StayPuft marshmellow man)

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday I did the exercises that Tyler at WellStrong Fitness emailed for me to do. ( Except the push-ups. I’m obsessed with being able to do push-ups so I do them more. Right now I wear the weighted vest and do the push-ups using the kitchen counter. I can do 40 but only in sets of 10 rest……. 10….. and so on. I haven’t tried to do them on the floor again, maybe next week).

I did incorporate most of the food changes that Tyler recommended, I started having oatmeal in the mornings. I’ve started having a lean protein and salad at dinner time. I’ve had less carbs. I’ve added a lot of fruit too.

Tomorrow is my weekly phone conference with Tyler I’ll update you tomorrow. Thank you all again for the great comments and encouragement! You guys are keeping me honest!