U-Vessel Wireless Earbuds AND Case!

I know! I know! Yes, I am out of CONTROL with electronics! I can’t help it! As soon as I see something newer, faster, lighter, smaller, fancier I WANT IT!! I must HAVE IT!!  So, then I GET it!!

Okay, seriously if The Husband gets his way and we do move to Idaho, can you imagine the moving nightmare in my future?!?! (Oh yeah, now it’s Idaho and not Montana)

U-Vessel has the cutest little wireless earbuds that arrive in their very own stylish charging case.
Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds are ergonomically designed to set in your ear. Not only comfortably but snug as well. As much chasing 6-year-old Alice around during the day that I do; these stay put. Added bonus they are small enough that she doesn’t know The NaNa is listening to music as we are playing school. AGAIN!
Small wireless earbuds

The U-Vessel earbuds arrive with 2 extra silicone ear pieces so you’re sure to get a comfortable fit.
Wireless Earbuds

Charging time is about 2 hours. With that I am getting a little (5 minutes or so) over 2 hours of constant music time. Talk time is the same. However, I can extend that if I need to because I can use the earbuds separately. Stand by time with these earbuds is 120 HOURS!! Sweet right??

Now, cute and comfortable with good battery life isn’t anything without great sound quality right?? I found these have wonderful sound quality. On the other hand my ‘make the walls shake’ base lovin’ son thought they were very good. Not great. I don’t need the walls to shake. I want to enjoy my Gary Allan, Andy Williams and Lady GAGA to their full range and these do the musicians justice.
Mini Earbuds

These work wonderfully on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and my iPad Air 2. Pairing was wicked fast and super easy. The folks at Aminy enclose a single sheet instruction sheet with PICTURES!!! I couldn’t have asked for easier or better!

The earbuds rest inside their carry case and as soon as they are inside they begin re-charging.


Not a single one. The small earbuds fit comfortably in my ear. Great battery life. I can move about 10 feet away from my phone hear my music or phone call with clear, crisp clarity. Great high notes and low tones. You do need line of sight or you do get some distortion. For the most part I do keep my phone in my back pocket so it’s really not a problem for me. Head earbuds! Did I mention they are so small!! I LOVE that!!!


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