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Zen180bI’m very new to Meditation. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction either. Zen180 is an easy program that I can fit into my day easily!! There are 5 different meditation programs. Relaxed Mind which is my favorite. I can use the 5 minute track, 15 minutes or even the 30 minute version.

I’ve been using the Relaxed Mind when I get home from watching 2 year old Alice all day. HEAVEN in a CD!! Listening to just 15 to 30 minutes helps me unwind and relax faster than a glass of wine!

Next up is the Creative Mind – Theta CD. I’ve changed my mind, Creative Mind is my favorite. Depending on the time of day even just playing the 5 minute track gets my creative juices flowing. I’m ready to write my blog posts. There are truly days that I sit down at my computer and can’t think of a thing to say! Let alone write a good review. Creative mind truly helps me write!!

Next is Focused Mind – Alpha. This one and Creative Mind are my favorite ways to get my mind focused and ready to write. Focused Mind is a soundtrack when you need to achieve laser like focus. Enter this state of mind to experience the ability of super-learning. This is also a great soundtrack to listen to when you’re reading a book or studying.

Awakened Mind – Beta, this one is FOR SURE my favorite one!! This is how I start my day! I set my alarm clock 15 minutes early, I lay in bed and play the Awakened Mind after 15 minutes I’m ready to start my day, happy, energetic and FULL OF FUN for Alice. This one truly gives me positive energy!!

Compassionate Mind – Gamma This one makes me a better person. Okay, NOW this one is my favorite!!

So what does the Zen180 CD’s sound like? Music. Relaxing, get lost in, soothing music that sounds like it’s being played in the rain. Music and rain. Together. No one is talking. There is no one telling you to close your eyes, relax, focus, nope nothing but holistic tones (like rain) and music and what Zen180 refers to as beats which speaks to your brain waves. Zen180™ is a collection of 5 unique soundtracks engineered with our proprietary blend of holistic tones and binaural beats to help you experience the 5 common brain wave patterns: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Personally, I can only hear the rain and the music. (btw, the rain isn’t synthesized it’s a recording of REAL rain). 

I am amazed at what a difference just 5 to 30 minutes a day makes for me. I’m focused. I’m productive. I’m HAPPY!!!

When you get the Zen180 set there is a program book that comes with the set. Teaching you the basics of mediating. How to mediate and when. There is even a calendar to help you stay on track and make mediating a daily habit.

Zen180 is designed to work with headphones. Each of the CD’s are High Fidelity Audio CD’s.  Whats even more amazing about Zen180 is the cost!!! This set will NOT break the bank!! You can get a digital download (all 5 of the programs) for just $19.99. I plan to get this ASAP so I will always have Zen180 with me on my iPad. Next is physical collection for $24.95 and RIGHT NOW you can get the digital download AND physical collection for $24.95!!  You deserve this!! You won’t be sorry!! I promise!  Still don’t believe me? Check here for 19 reasons to Mediate BACKED by SCIENCE!!

You can even try it for free right now!! 5 days!! 5 minutes a day! Just click the TRY it FREE button 



6 Myths about Meditation

1 – You have to have an empty mind—nope, in fact, when you start meditating, you’ll find its quite the opposite

2 – You have to sit in the lotus position—nope, you can sit on the couch (just don’t lie down, you’ll fall asleep)

3 – You have to dedicate an hour a day—nope, small doses work just fine.

4 – You have to chant in a weird language—nope, not unless that floats your boat

5 – You have to be Buddhist, Hindu or religious—nope, not unless you make it so

6 – It’s weird—what’s so weird about sitting and breathing? Look who else is meditating:US congressmenNFL football leagues and the US Marine Corps.


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I give Zen180 two enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!! 



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