Sunday’s Remodel Update!

Here is my question for the day. Does remodeling ever go smooth and easy? We’ve hit delay after delay. Snag after snags then add a few more snags. We ordered new carpeting the beginning of April. Granted it’s a LOT of carpet so it had to be ordered. Then this week the carpet arrived. YEAH!!! But, nooooooo because NOW they decided that we need to do an asbestos on the bathroom floor tile. (hold your ears….) )@$@*($@O(&%@% why couldn’t you tell us that when we order the )@&$@((@((* carpeting?!?!? So we send off the tile scraping to the governmental agency. Tile in all the bathrooms fine. Except the bathroom outside my craft room. It has a trace amount.  (I’ve been suspicious of the ugly bathroom all along!) This is truly an ugly bathroom, whoever designed this could have really made this beautiful!! How about adding black bathroom sinks to go with the black tile?
Ugly Bathroom
Everything is on hold again until we have a CHEMIST come and bless the room hazard free. What does that entail? We have no idea. Of course, it’s a holiday weekend soooooo we wait.
Really Ugly Bathroom Tile!! Asbestos culprit!! Ugly stupid tile!! 
We can’t add our furniture well, because #1 most of it is still in California. #2 it will make laying the carpet much easier if we leave the rooms empty. As it stands right now we have the **diningroom table that came with the house and a bed. That’s it. The table serves as desk, television stand, dinner place and well the general hang out for The Husband and I.
**The diningroom table is beautiful!! It looks to be handcarved. It’s heavy as all get out! However, when it’s the only place to sit it’s mighty uncomfortable. I plan to add more padding when I recover these chairs.
Pretty huh??
Looks hand carved right?? 
As far as the kitchen remodel…….. well, it probably deserves it’s very own post.  Needless to say, it hasn’t started yet either. So, that’s my Sunday update for the remodel. As far as the giveaway widget. I did hear back from the folks at GiveawayTools. We should have this fixed soon. Or maybe Tuesday if they are also on a Holiday break too. I hope your week goes smoothly!!


  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, asbestos is a nightmare. They find it in homes built mid-century and everything comes to a halt while the experts come and clean it out. I had a great uncle who was in construction from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, and he wound up with all kinds of lung/breathing illnesses from all the asbestos he handled.

  • Rosie

    That is a nice table. I think most remodels have delays. What can be difficult is when the estimated cost goes up more than was budgeted!!!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    On one of our 15 (!) house moves we had just ordered a huge new carpet for the house we were in at the time (70s so think orange & brown swirls). Anyhow, by the time we’d moved and got the carpet out of storage it had become home to 7 newly-born mice. The mummy mouse probably made a dash for freedom when the guys shifted it! Luckily there wasn’t much damage and by the time the old upright piano was plonked on top of the hole they’d left, no-one was any the wiser! The baby mice? Well, let’s just say that Dad and a bottle of chloroform later (you could still buy it over the counter in those days), they were cherubs in cheese & chocolate heaven.

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