Sunglass Warehouse Review and Give-it-Away!!!


It’s summertime! Who doesn’t need a new pair of sunglasses???  

Do I have a site for you!!!  Sunglass Warehouse(.com)  You can’t beat the prices!! The selection!!  The service!!

The sunglasses I picked are aviator style with brown polarized lenses, in a bronze frame.  They are lightweight and comfortable!!  AND only $14.41.  Yea… you read that right fourteen dollars and forty-one cents!!  I’ve got your attention now, don’t I???

I love these brown polarized lenses.  I love how everything around me looks brighter and clearer!!

DH looks good in my shades…. MY SHADES!!  Ohhhhhh they WILL be mine again….I just gotta find where he hid them first!!

The frame is sturdy and light weight.  The lenses are good quality with no waves that you sometimes find in sunglasses at other stores.

The selection at Sunglass Warehouse is amazing.  Everything from plastic frames to wire, retro, celebrity and oversized too! They also have the same sunglasses I picked but with a mirror finish!

Check out the Sunglass Warehouse blog for updates.  Not only updates about what’s coming next, but there are DIY projects!  Like making a starburst clock!

Check ’em out on facebook. Then post your mug with your new shades on!!

Another reason to love Sunglass Warehouse?  They have a page to help you choose sunglasses for YOUR SKIN TONE!!!!!! That isn’t all…… how about choosing sunglasses for your FACE SHAPE?!?! Where else are you going to find a site like that??

I love my new shades, the price wass amazing!!  I don’t have to stress if I lose these.  ALL of their sunglasses are under $20.00!!  With SAME day SHIPPING!!!  Seriously?!?!  What more could you ask for??  A giveaway?!  Okay!! You got it! The awesome people over at Sunglass Warehouse has offered one lucky follower of Peanut Butter and Whine a pair of their choosing!

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