Bright Starts Giggle & Click Remote Review

This little Bright Starts Remote makes me laugh!!  But, it makes Baby Alice ecstatic!!


Baby Alice is so fascinated with our remote control that when this one for her arrived we were GIDDY!!  Let us introduce you to the Bright Starts Click & Giggle Remote. 

Look at that face?! Alice takes her remote VERY seriously!! Don’t let that serious look fool you she doesn’t put it DOWN!!  She LOVE’s this thing!

Really? What’s not to love??  When you change the channel it sounds like a real tv! You hear the sounds of a baseball game, cartoons, children laughing.  There are 25+ songs and silly noises.

Push the buttons and the light on top flashes. There is a spinning rollerball on the top with 3 sweet characters.  A ribbon loop at the very top and the Giggle & Click remote  has a removable ring to attach to a stroller or carseat.

Alice for some reason has taken to holding her remote by that ribbon.  (This kid cracks me UP!!)

There is an OFF button!! WOOO HOOOO!! I wish all toys came with an off button!!  SEE??? This is what makes Bright Starts stand out!!  They think of the little things… like the sanity of parents and grandparents!!!  The button also has loud and softer mode.

The remote comes with batteries already installed and runs on 2 AAA batteries.

Lately Alice has taken to tossing toys….and by tossing I mean THROWING… I don’t know if it’s the noise or the just the fact she’s learned that she can??  I dunno the reason, I only know, Alice has thrown this little Click & Giggle Remote across the room more than a few times and it’s still PERFECT!!!  Everything still works.  There aren’t any scratches on the rolling ball window.  I’m amazed!  (Okay not really… it is a Bright Starts product after all!!)  The buttons all still work, the songs still play. This is one tough cute little toy that will be around for YEARS!!   (ohhhh and after she tosses the Giggle & Click she immediately wants it back!!! She does NOT share the remote…. hummmmm wonder where she gets THAT trait?!) 

Alice and I give the Bright Starts Giggle & Click Remote 4 thumbs up for cuteness and toughness!!

I love this little video for 2 reasons first (Okay maybe more than 2) Alice is so cute!!  Alice says “All Done!” and I love how she cuddles her remote!!  I’ve seen grown men do this!!  I know I shouldn’t laugh but the end cracks me up!!  A good Na Na would edit the end out but it makes me laugh… so it stayed.  (no toy or child was harmed in the making of this video…. ok but not a lot)

Bright Starts supplied the Giggle & Click Remote for Alice and I to write our review. All opinions are 100% Alice and mine. Bright Starts products are available on line or at Walmart.  


  • Diane K.Brimmer

    That is a great idea! I think this too could come in handy at Grammy’s house. My husband is always looking for where the little ones have hid the remote. LOL Thanks for sharing. =)

    • Connie Gruning

      Diane, this is the funniest remote! Alice got one of the buttons going so fast it really sounded like she was changing the channel. Cracks me up!!
      Now if only I got MY own remote! LOL!!

  • AlicesMom

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! What a cool idea, now we dont have to give her the remote for the DVD player. Whew!
    It’s so cute and it has the best sound effects! Another Home Run Bright Starts!

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