Smiley 360 Breathe Right Strips Review

I can’t believe I am going to admit this …. but I snore.  Yup… like a trucker!  (the next thing I know I’ll be telling you how much I weigh… HA!! NOT!!!)

I was offered the chance to review “Breathe Right Strips” and thought… ummm hummm a little strip is going to help me sleep?  Yea… right…

Uhhhhh YEA HUH!!!  First thing right off the bat!!  I put the strip on my nose,  the larger of the wings toward the tip, and I immediately could breathe! IMMEDIATELY PEOPLE!!!  IMMEDIATELY!!!

One thing I did learn… don’t put your face cream on your nose… (Hello?! My nose really doesn’t have any wrinkles on it so … why do I put cream on it anyway!?)

The Breathe Right Strips are designed to fit your nose!  They work on four key touch points to open your nose more effectively!  The Breathe Right Strips are the only strips on the market that have the 3M adhesive to hold the strip in place, comfortably all night!!

You don’t snore?  You might still need these!  If you suffer from allergies, colds or a deviated septum OR you’re just in denial about that whole snoring thing… don’t worry! I won’t tell.

The strips are clear.  DH didn’t even notice the strip the first night!!  I had to point it out! So see?? Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Now I’ve used the Breathe Right Strips for the past week and I’m amazed at how much better I sleep!  I sleep soundly!  I am waking up refreshed!! I am not draggin’ my butt around the house!!  I AM AWAKE!!
If you only knew just how amazing that is for me….. you would go buy a case right now!!

Check out Breathe Right Strips on facebook and receive 2 strips to try for yourself!
I love these things!! Thank you BREATHE RIGHT for letting me sleep!!!!!!

I received Breathe Right Strips from Smiley360 for this review but opinions are 100% my own.


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