Sweet Posh Baby WINNER!!! ME!!!! She’s a SCAM!!

So I thought I would do a quick up date on my “back the truck up in the driveaway ‘win’.”  I decided to start 2012 at least a little less stress. December 31, 2011 I sent Christy at Sweet Posh Baby an email telling her I give up. I am not going to try and get the rest of my win. I wished her and her family well. I’m done.
Wellllllll…. from the beginning I knew something fishy was up.  I was reading emails on July 28 see the story below… I was over the moooon excited!! Now I enter a LOT of giveaways I know you only have a certain amount of days to claim your win… well this was A HUGE win I wasn’t takin’ any chances! I immediately responded on Facebook.  WOOO HOOO!  Christy’s response was “did you get an email from me?”  Ummm no … other than the blog update I get from you when you update your blog.  Then nothing.  No emails.  No nothing.  So I waited a few weeks.  Nothing.  Several items have personalization so I would think I would be contacted via email first?  Then I started writing to Christy.  Nothing.  So I posted on her Facebook page and that entry was deleted.  Ummmmm not so excited anymore. So I asked fellow bloggers what they would do.  Everyone said “start writing to the companies”.  So I picked a few and started writing.  The companies were AMAZING!!  (I wrote thank you blog posts with their products as a thank you).  A few exceptions the lullaby people said they would contact Christy and then get back to me.  I never heard back from them.  The WubbaNub representative basically called me a liar and if I had won they would have sent it to me.  (ohhhh okay maybe I worded that email wrong?!) Each company had no idea I had won. They all acknowledged being a part of the giveaway but had never been given the winners information. They were WONDERFUL to me!!  Some said they would contact Christy……. who…… NOW all of a sudden now writes to me (in September The GIVEAWAY ended in APRIL) asking me where I was on my wins. What have I received to date.  I sent a list.  As a matter of fact I sent a weekly update. I figured AWESOME my wins will start coming in!!  WOO HOO!!  Excited all over again.  Righhhhhhhttttt!!  NOT!!  So January 10, 2012 I give up.  I’m done stressing about it.  Hopefully whoever get’s the goodies enjoys them!!
For the record Christy never even acknowledged the last email either.

I was sitting here reading my blog emails.  (yes, I am addicted!) I had an email from Sweet Posh Baby I’m reading the email…… down toward the bottom is:
Drumroll please……

Ended out to be a BIG OLE SCAM!!!! Sweet Post Baby?? Hoped I wouldn’t see the announcement on her page. She never contacted any of the sponsors.  I contacted each of them….. most were met with “We have no idea what you are talking about” 

BEWARE of Sweet Posh Baby


Connie of Peanut Butter and Whine.
{Let me just say I LOVE that blog title!!}
Congratulations, Connie!!
Enjoy the goodies!!!

I did a double take!! HEY!! THAT’s ME!!!!!  So I look to see what my “goodies” are. So then I start to get more excited and louder… I’m still not sure I won what I think I won.  So I text my daughter Selena here is how the texting went
Me: “check your email”.  (I forwarded the email and the link to what I think I won.

Selena: “k”
Selena: “what? I’m at a baby shower. WHAT?!”
Me “I won that WHOLE thing!”
Selena: “That’s awesome I can’t wait to see”
Me: “It the whole thing I think??”
Selena: “Cool”
        Okay I know she is just not getting this!! So I continue
Me “See the pictures?”
Me “scroll under, see that list? I don’t know but I THINK won it all”
Selena: “I’m at a baby shower”
Me “I know…. keep scrolling down!”
Selena “Mom I’m at a baby shower”
         Okay now I know for SURE she doesn’t understand so I call her…..
Me “You see that whole list?? I think won that whole list!”
Selena: “Mom… I’m at A BABY SHOWER!”
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she is actually AT A REAL LIVE baby shower.
Okay WHO has a baby shower on a THURSDAY!??!!  AND really?!? It’s 9:15 now why isn’t she home?!?!  Doesn’t she know I need her right now?!?!
This would be the biggest thing I’ve ever won!  I shouldn’t even post this until I know for sure……. but you know…. any win is a great win, especially baby things!! Right?  Right!!
So I’m not going to jinx this anymore…. but I will let you know what the win is.

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