• Acrylic mold tests

    Don’t Be Alarmed!!

    I don’t want to alarm anyone but MY CRAFT room is clean and organized. I EVEN sorted my vinyls!! WHAT?!!?  Yup, yup. I also realized I have more vinyl than Michael’s Craft Store does. Oh-Oh! I guess I’ll have to make more t-shirts! Please LORD do not let Alice grow out of funny, cute, glittery t-shirts anytime soon!! PLEASE! I’ve also added Resin pouring to my list of things I always wanted to try and never did. Here is what I have learned. Ummmm bubbles are NOT easy to get rid of!! Stir too fast. BUBBLES. Pour too fast. BUBBLES. LOOK at the resin as it dries. BUBBLES. So I…

  • Bubble Paint Pour Experiment

    Day 21 Photo-A-Day BUBBLES!?

    Today’s photo prompt is bubbles. BUBBLES?!  My other choices were negative space? Up close? My MOOD?? Yeah. Bubbles it is! Today I’m actually showing you a CRAFT instead of just my beautiful craft space! I am obsessed with cup pours (dirty pour, acrylic pours) artwork. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t. One day a new video popped up on YouTube and I was mesmerized. I just kept watching these videos. Finally, I decided ya know I packed all these craft paints. I have a ton of blank canvases; let’s do this thing!! First, it’s not as easy as they look! I mean it is and it isn’t.  The ratio…

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