• Lotta Snow & Spotty Internet

    We had snow from Friday till early this morning (Monday). That means a WHOLE lotta snow! Since I have Internet for seconds at a time I thought I would just pop on and add some pictures. First, I stepped out of my craftroom and took a shot of the trail cam.  My goal is to get to that puppy before Friday! That snow goes up to my mid thigh! Of course Bear is in HEAVEN!!! Before the Internet goes again, have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!

  • Bear snowflake

    Happy Sunday!

    I couldn’t resist posting this picture! LOOK at that PERFECT snowflake on above Bears eye! HOW amazing is THAT?!?!?!? I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Of course I had to zoom in because it’s just SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!

  • April 30th Photo-A-Day REGAL

    Let’s end the month of April with a picture of the most popular member of the family. No, not me (Yes, I DO think I am funny. Bear! She seems to have captured everyone’s heart. Right Miss Barbara?? This puppy is such a sweet, smart fur baby. Bear is a 9 months old Bernese Mountain Dog. Okay, technically she isn’t 9 months until tomorrow May 1st. She weighs a TON! I imagine she is close to 90 pounds. She is solid! When Bear decides to sit on your lap I can barely breathe! Yes, she still believes she is a lap dog. One of Bears favorite places on our walks…

  • April 7th Photo-A-Day When I Wake Up

    Prepare to be jealous. I still can’t believe the amazing view we are blessed with. When we lived in California our view was bumper to bumper cars on the street. An apartment complex. A yard with dirt so hard that nothing would grow and a house that seemed to shrink every year. Our new master bedroom is bigger than 4 rooms combined in the Vista house. The area of town we lived in was getting worse and worse by the day. Even with double paned windows the noise outside from stereos, cars and what seemed to be endless parties would make the walls shake. Our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho…

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

    Day 7 Photo-A-Day Low Angle

    Day 7! Oh my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge.  For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my amazing craft-room. Today’s prompt is LOW Angle  I want to point out that my craft room has 16, yes count them SIXTEEN recessed lights!! I also want to point out that laying on the floor of my craft-room means that Bear the puppy goes INSANE. She bounces around barking as if to say “Play time MOM?!?! MOM!! MOOOOOm whattcha doin? Can I help?!!? Can I get you a rag? WHAT IS HAPPENING!?” Ahhhhhhh the life of a puppy! A spoiled puppy at that! So, now I’m off to paint! Or…

  • Congratulations to ME!! It’s A GIRL!!!

    I know there are a couple of you going WHAT THE WHAT!!?!? So, rest assured it is NOT a baby, I am not pregnant. Although it is similar to baby, just not the human kind. I’m getting a puppy!! Okay, so now more than just a couple of you are saying WHAT THE heck is she thinking??!?! Yes, I too am saying the same thing. Some days I super excited, then the lazy part of my brain says ARE YOU INSANE?! Now, here is the part where I try and convince not only YOU, but myself as well, that this is a good idea. Sometimes the universe just screams at…