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Tell Mom You Are NUTS Over Her!!!


Yes, tell Mom you are NUTS for her!! Come on….. that’s funny stuff!! Besides I just couldn’t resist!

We are huge fans of trail mix, cashews, nuts, almonds all of it in this house. That’s our main snacking food here. So we were very excited to sample these tasty treats from Sugar Plum Chocolates. Absolutely delicious AND great gifts too!!

An amazing array of nuts and trail mix and each one beautifully wrapped with wire ribbon, truly ready for gift giving.

Don’t those look delicious??? That is the Nutty N’ Sweet Candy and Trail Mix Assortment.  An assortment of three tubs. You get salty, sour, and sweet snacks. The first layer is packed with 12 ounces of delicious individually packaged hard candies. I highly recommend the orange flavor.  The next layer is a 14 ounce tub of roasted cherry almonds (made with real Montmorency cherries!), and the last tub also 14 ounces has Banana Strawberry trail mix, which blends dried banana and strawberry chunks with roasted almonds and cashews. I have to say YUM!!! This trio is tied together with a beautiful green, yellow, red wire ribbon.

Next is Original Trail mix Tower wrapped in a pretty purple wire ribbon the three layers include: one Wild Berry Mix made up of roasted almonds, pepitas, blackberries, cranberries, and blueberries. The next layer has a Banana Strawberry Mix made of roasted cashews and almonds along with dried banana and strawberry bits. We almost finished this layer in a single sitting!! The final layer is a Tropical Mix made of roasted pecans and almonds alongside of dried pineapple, mango, and cranberry bits all topped off with a generous sprinkling of coconut!  These 3 section trail mix containers contain FRESH, all natural ingredients.

Next is the Five-Part Fruit, Nut, & Trail Mix Sampler. This is a unique sample mix of five different tasty delights including; Classic Trail Mix, Wild Berry Trail Mix (featuring roasted almonds, pepitas, blackberries, cranberries, and blueberries!), Coconut Curry Peanuts, Coffee Stout Cashews, and a regular and chocolate-covered dried pineapple chunks. This one might just be my favorite, because after the goodies are gone I have a cute wooden shadow box.

Last and not least (and my personal favorite!! Yes, I did hide ALL THREE bags!!) These are 4 ounce bags of Epicurean Nuts Coffee Stout Cashews. These cashews are coffee flavored and so delicious! SO GOOD!! Cashews are truly my favorite and these are full of flavor. The cashews are large with the crunchy coating.

Quality You Can Crunch: We handcrafted all our fantastically fresh nut flavors and roast them in small batches, which makes for a superior snack every time. That’s why we’ve been featured on the likes of Rachael Ray and Food Factory. When it comes to salty, sweet, savory treats, we’ve been pushing the boundaries for 21+ years. You’re about to find out just how yummy a nut can be.

Everyone knows that nuts are the heart-healthy snack; look at you doing something sweet and healthy for Mom. (Or your favorite blogger… Ya’know just sayin’)

Sugar Plum Chocolate is known as the masters of creating tasty flavor combinations that no one else would dare to try. The quality is excellent because all of the goodies are made in small batches.

All of Sugar Plum Chocolate items are Kosher.


Delicious nuts and trail mix! Then everything is all wrapped with a pretty bow!?!? How do you whine about that?!

Everything arrives very well packaged, wrapped in bubble wrap and very secure. Not a single loose nut in the box!!



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