That’s my WHAT?!

Thank’s Janel over at A Mom’s Take!!  I won this AMAZING kit called “Teach My” 
I choose “Teach My Baby”  This kit comes with 66 pieces.
(66 Sturdy pieces!)  
Several things that I really like about this set are the fact that each ‘section’ comes in a heavy plastic bag with a velcro closure. Each bag states what lesson is in it. First words, Sounds & Touch, First Numbers, and Self. There are board books for each section. There are one piece puzzles, flash cards, finger puppets and mirrored nesting blocks. All of that tucked inside a nice plastic box with a handle and a latch. Easy to store away. Easy to keep everything all together.  This is such a great kit!!

Now the kit says “6 Months” but BabyT IS an overachiever!  *She pointed to her nose and said “Nonnie, praytell WHAT is this on my face?!?!”
*Well, I was forced, FORCED I tell you, to break out the kit and the mirrored NOSE card.

*Maybe she just opened her eyes after a long nap. It’s all this kid does is nap!!
** I have a NEW TOY and a BABY all to myself HOW long did you HONESTLY think I could wait?!?! 3 more months?!?!  HAVE YOU MET ME?!?!??!!?

 SEE???  She loved it!!!  HELLO???  She is looking in the mirror and seeing THE cutest baby ever!!

I did do a couple things that the kit recommends. # 1. I made a big fuss bringing out the kit.  BabyT looked at me like I had lost my mind.  # 2. We only worked for a short time.  (See the shaking of the fist??)

I love this kit!!  I really can’t say enough great things about it.
THANK YOU Janel over at A Mom’s Take (by the way she has some great giveaways going on right now! You should go look!!) and Teach My. (The have kits for Baby, Toddler and Preschooler.
I love love love this kit!!

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