The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Client Relationships

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It is no secret that having a strong client base will help your business thrive.  But, the key to having strong clients is to develop even stronger working relationships with them.  The goal is to acquire clients, keep them coming back, and get them to refer others to do the same.

There are many things that you can do to keep your clients around, but everything that you do needs to appear genuine.  Clients don’t like having a constant sales pitch delivered to them. Developing strong teams in your organization will also show a strong cohesiveness amongst your staff, which will in turn, be evident to your clients. Using data to put together the best approaches to take with clients can do wonders for your business. Teams can accomplish more with

Here are a few tips that you should make sure are happening within your company whether experienced or getting it off the ground to develop the strongest relationships you can with your clients.

Ease of Communication

Your clients need to know that they can communicate with you easily.  Be up front with them about your availability and how they can best reach you.  And when they do try to reach you, answer them. You should also ask them about the best way to reach them in case you have something you need to discuss.  Make it an open relationship where both parties know what works best for each.

It is essential that you appear approachable.  You never want a client sitting at home wondering something, but they are uncomfortable approaching you.  They should know that whatever question they may have, they can ask, and you won’t belittle them. When you hire people to work for you, make sure that your employees fit this mold.

No Two Customers Are Alike

Because no two customers are alike, you need to treat them as individuals.  All situations are unique and there is no fix all solution. The customers don’t want to feel like they are getting a generic answer, even if the answer is rather simple. You should be familiar with their situation and approach it from their point of view, even if you have solved this problem many times. The more you can personalize your approach with clients, the more comfortable they will feel when you are talking to them.  If you or your employees struggle with making personal connections, you should provide training or refer them to the many personalized customer service articles that have been shared.

Be Willing to go Above and Beyond

Obviously, the better job you do with your clients, the more likely they will stay and help your business succeed.  A way that you can show the clients how great you are is to go above and beyond the call of duty.

An easy way to accomplish this task is to follow up with your clients.  Find out how things are going and if there is anything that you can be doing differently to accommodate them.  They will really appreciate the fact that you reached out to them and will also acknowledge that you do genuinely care about them.  It is that personalized touch that you provide that will keep them coming back and more likely to forgive you if a mistake was made.

Other ways of going above and beyond include offering reward schemes such as stamp books which reward customers with free items or visa prepaid card gifts for taking part in. This is a “spend money to earn money” strategy that might put frugal businesses off. But it can be beneficial as it can show customers you are willing to give back to them as thanks for their repeated business.

Be Present

Hear your clients out.  Even if you think you already know the answer to their question, allow them the time to say what they need to say.  Don’t cut them off or rush through the conversation. They are trying to provide you with some form of feedback and it is imperative that you let them talk.  There is nothing more frustrating to a client than to be cut off or feel that you don’t really care about what they have to say.

It is also important that you meet with your clients in person.  If they are not in a distance that a face to face meeting is possible, you should Skype or Facetime them.  Allow them to see the human being behind the voice. Get to know a little bit about each other and explain your company.  Don’t just be an email address to them. This gives both of you the chance to know who is behind the email address anytime that form of communication is needed.  Being personable and making the effort to get to know your clients will really mean a lot to them.

Own up to Mistakes

Mistakes happen.  We do everything in our power to avoid making mistakes, but if you do, be honest with your clients about it.  If you don’t see an immediate fix, you need to let them know about it. If the client finds out that a mistake was made and was never conveyed to them, it will break the trust that you have built with your client.

Take charge of the situation and that will help to ease their mind.  They will be grateful to know of what happened and feel confident that you are taking care of the situation.  You will earn a lot of respect from them. It can be hard to admit making a mistake, but it will do you more good in the long run being honest about it.

Seek Feedback

How many times have we ever filled out a survey to provide feedback and you felt like nothing would happen as a result?  Probably more times than we care to talk about. You should be seeking feedback from your clients and actually do something with the feedback.  If people feel they are taking the time to provide information but nothing is being done with it, they will feel frustrated moving forward. If there is something in the feedback that you can act on and they can know that you acted on it, do it.

It is always good for you to find out what you can be doing better.  It gives you credibility with your clients that you are trying to make things work out for them and taking those steps to accomplish their goals.  It will also help you grow as a person and potentially stop other clients from commenting on the same thing. It can be hard to get constructive criticism from time to time, but, in the end, it will make you stronger and more effective.

These clients are helping to support your living.  They mean a lot to your success and it’s important that you make time to build those relationships.  It will go a long way in boosting your success.


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