The Elf Returns Breakfast!

Today’s post is allllll about The Elf Returns Breakfast!!

Saturday, instead of writing review posts I cleaned and decorated for my annual Elf Breakfast!!  Frankly, Santa would leave me coal if he saw the mess in my house! So it was an all day project!!

This is how The Elf Returns Breakfast works:

At 7am a text will go out from my Elf, Norgan, saying there is a surprise at NaNa’s house. My sweet Elf Norgan was very busy, first put up the Christmas Tree, décorated the house and had the energy to have made breakfast for everyone!! He’s cut up fresh fruit, made snowman donuts, reindeer donuts! He’s cooked bacon, sausage and little bitty pancakes too!! How amazing is MY ELF!! AND for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS can he please do this for the rest of the week!?!?

The kids will ring the doorbell at 7:30 and The NaNa will answer the door with her hair on end, mascara under her eyes and ask through squinty eyes “WHY are you ALL here?? HERE!?!?” The kids will race past me to the table announcing they got a text from MY Elf!! AND LOOK NaNA!!! LOOK!!! (at least, this is how it worked for the last 4 years!)

I LOVE this breakfast tradition!!!

I snapped a couple of pictures so you could see what my table looks like tonight. Norgan is swinging from his Christmas Tree. He has a sign that says “Hi Guys!! We’re Back!!”  There are crafts at each place, I have candy cane plates and elf mugs to add to the table in the morning. (Frankly the elf is too exhausted to put them out right now!)
Each of the 3 Grandkids have a tree of their own along with battery operated lights to string on. Then their Elves will leave a new ornament everyday for almost the whole the month of December ending with the star for Christmas Eve as a way for the Elves to say “See ya NEXT year!!”
How cute is that?!?!?! I stole the tree idea from our sweet friend Kristen who does this every year for Christmas with her kids. Thank you Kristen!!

Around 10am this NaNa will take a nap! The kids will take home their completed crafts, they will have eatten too much food and had TONS of sugar before they go home!! The sugar is a little payback for when my kids where teenagers!! I told ’em someday I’d get even!!


  • Sandy Weinstein

    they were talking abt the elf on nbc last wk, i was never into them but i think the kids are. they are cute. cute layout for the grandkids

  • Tamra Phelps

    Wow! You really go all out! Lucky grandkids! I saw a Facebook post recently of an Elf sitting on a shelf with a sign explaining he had caught Lyme Disease from Rudolph & would just be sitting on the shelf the entire season…BUT he was watching them just the same, lol. That might be me!!

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