The Furzie Lint Remover Review

I admit0109d60f04a7ae6b96f23c710a82f2d60db2eb17e2 it; I am a “As Seen On TV” junkie. I’m also the reason stores put impulse items stacked around the check out aisle. Sorry about that! I will sit and watch a full AS SEEN ON TV show every time! I can’t help it. Total impulse shopper here!

When I was approved to review the Furzie I was so HAPPY!! You don’t even need to know me, to know I have a dog;  I use the term DOG loosely, because she is basically a shedding machine, a YELLOW ball of flying fur. Yup that’s our Gracie, she is our Yellow Lab.  Then there’s the cat. Kitty sheds worse than the dog does. Needless to say every single piece of clothing I own has dog and cat hair on it. EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM.

Check out The Furzie® THIS is a lint remover that puts every lint remover we’ve ever owned to shame. With the animals we have in this house a lint brush is not just important, it’s essential!! Lint rollers that are sticky don’t stay sticky long enough to actually remove all the dog hair let alone all the other little pieces of debris that the Furzie picks up. This tool is specially designed for a lifetime of use. It won’t wear out!! It’s also ergonomically designed, it’s also light weight!!  There are no refills required EVER!! Simply wash and rinse and your ready to use again.

This brush works not just on clothing but on the furniture too. The Furzie also works QUICKLY! The Furzie takes just a couple of swipes and I’m done.

The Furzie works by removing unwanted hair or lint from your clothing, furniture and upholstery. The Furzie is truly a one of a kind Lint and Debris Remover!! I’m thrilled with the results!! EVEN on my black pants!! Pet Hair GONE!!

The Benefits of The Furzie® Lint And Debris Remover

* Innovative and Ergonomical Light Weight Design for Long Term Use.

* Removes Pet Hair, Lint, Fuzz and Debris no Problem!

* Use on Carpets, Clothes, Linens, and Upholstery.

* Designed by a Professional for Long Lasting Results.

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Not a single one! I can go out of the house without DOG HAIR attached to my clothing!!!!! What is there to whine about?!?!


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