Waterproof, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker Review

I know, I KNOW getting a Bluetooth Speaker strictly because it’s the perfect shade of green is wrong. Soooo I’m not going to tell you that was my original reason for wanting this one. Thank HEAVENS this waterproof, wireless Bluetooth speaker also sounds great. Not to mention, for such a small speaker this puts off great sound which you can crank up VERY LOUD!! It’s very clear, clean music with plenty of bass. AND of course, I love the look of this speaker. It is the perfect green color. The speaker has rubber all around it so it’s easy to grab and it stays put when you set it down it’s not going to jump all over the place; the rubber also really protects this speaker. I know this because I’ve already dropped it a couple of times and it’s still perfect!! The buttons are inconspicuous off to the side. There is also a small flashlight on the top in back; which actually puts off enough light to walk around the campsite!

There is more to love about this speaker besides sound, looks and the flash light. Besides the aux plug-in there is a TF card slot. I have my new little MP3 player that isn’t Bluetooth enabled but I can use this speaker just by plugging it in. SWEET!! SWEET!! SWEET!! Ahhhh but here is another awesome perk, there is a TF card slot which will allow me to use my MicroSD card!! I can add my music to a SD card and not have to drain my phone or my iPad! How amazing is that?! That is by far one of my favorite perks.

This is really the perfect Bluetooth Speaker for camping! Complete with a temperature gauge! Of course to use it you’ll have to know Celsius which I do not. Thankfully DH does. I LOVE the fact that I can answer my phone from the speaker! I can leave my phone in my backpack. See?? AWESOME speaker!!

The speaker holds a great charge. We used it at a recent day out at the beach and it stayed going strong the entire day.


The buttons. There are three buttons. Three very stiff, very small buttons on the top. They are not easy to press. Which on one hand is good because the 4 year old can’t press them. It’s also good with all the swaying the speaker does when I have it attached to my backpack the buttons aren’t accidentally changing the songs or hitting the phone button; which has happened on other Bluetooth Speakers I’ve used. The buttons are also small. Which is okay for me but very frustrating to DH. So, the buttons are really just a half-hearted whine. Overall I’m extremely pleased with this speaker!!


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  • Ken

    I like the outdoors/ruggedized speakers. The only problem that I do have with them is that in their attempt to be “ruggedized” and tough you run into the problems like you had with the buttons being too stiff and not easy to press.

    Great article. Thanks again.

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