The Goma Squid Flexible Tripod Review

Ahhh one of my favorite types of posts! The ones where I get to take even more pictures!! Yeah, yeah, yeah… I made a funny. I don’t need an excuse to take a ton of pictures.
Wait till you see this little gadget!! This is a totally flexible tripod that grips anywhere I need it too!! On a fence? On a pool chair? On a rock!? Anywhere I want. My favorite part is that this is so small I keep it in my purse. It’s only 7″ yup, seven inches!!
I can use my camera, my phone or my daughters GoPro!

Alice and I tried to find somewhere we COULDN’T use this, but we came up short. Alice said on the leg of the tray. The Goma Squid flexible tripod held tight. Alice said try the lounge chair: the Squid held. On the balcony, the Squid held. On the lamp pole; the Squid held. Rear view mirror of the car, held. The kid was getting very creative. She also took that opportunity to pose for the camera with every move. Course at times she was posing for the wrong side…. but she was having a blast and really? That’s all that counts right??

Since the Goma Squid is steady the pictures are clear and crisper; of course you have to have a subject that can sit still for a second or two. But for the most part my pictures are perfect!

This is the perfect travel tripod!! It’s smaller than a selfie stick and I can put the Squid places that a selfie stick won’t go or won’t work. I can set my camera up for time-lapse photos and not have to worry that my camera will slip.

The tripod legs of the Goma Squid are covered in a very thick foam. Under the foam feels like a very thick wire whatever it is it’s very malleable.  Setting it up is fast and easy! It literally takes me longer to find the self timer on my phone than it does to install the Squid. Once I have my camera on the Squid I can adjust the camera in so many different angles. There is a ball joint that allows total freedom. Tighten the screws and your ready to attach your flexible tripod anywhere you want!

Inside the box is 1 SQUID flexible tripod, 1 universal camera thread base mount, 1 universal smartphone adapter, 1 universal gopro adapter, ALONG with everybody’s favorite: A 100% money-back lifetime guarantee and world-class customer service.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the GOMA SQUID DELUXE edition. It comes with a Bluetooth Remote Control compatible with IOS and Android systems!


Not a single one! I feel confident that my camera is secure on the Squid. I can attach the Squid anywhere I want. The possibilities are endless with this tripod!


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