The GP NextX F1 Trooper Drone Review


The GP NextX F1 Trooper Drone has to be one of my TOP 2015 Christmas picks. This is a fantastic entry-level to mid-level quadcopter.  The Trooper Drone would be an amazing gift for older kids and adults alike. First, the F1 is sturdy. Trust me when I say this! Because neither The Husband or myself have ever operated a quadcopter so this little guy has been sent flying into beams, walls, buildings, the neighbor’s yard and trees!! The F1 still looks like new!! My favorite feature of the NextX F1? It has a CAMERA!!! A camera that will take still shots or VIDEO!! I’m amazed!! The quality, the camera, the extra blades and screws for an exceptional price! I’m seriously blown away!!

Like I said before, we crashed the F1 A LOT!! So there is a bit of a learning curve to the quadcopter; however by day two The Husband was doing really great. After a few try’s The Husband was able to get the quadcopter to fly up and down, left and right, forward, backward, he’s really gotten the hang of hovering too.

Here is a video from the NextX F1 (excuse our yard we are in the middle of a landscaping project)

The controls are a little on the sensitive side but with practice you’ll get the hang of it.

The Trooper Drone box includes the following:

-1 x Quadcopter
– 1 x LCD Screen Transmitter  The transmitter requires 4 AA batters which are not included.
– 1 x HD Camera
– 1 x 4GB SD Card
– 2 x 650mAh Li-polymer Battery
– 8 x Blade
– 4 x Protective Cover
– 1 x Screwdriver
– 1 x Hex Wrench
– 1 x USB Cable
– 1 x User Manual


Read the directions for assembly! The propellers are marked A and B. Make sure you’ve put them in the correct order or your quadcopter will not fly. Next tip; make sure your battery is fully charged before flying. Having the back-up battery charged too doubles your fun time! Without a full charge the quadcopter doesn’t allow all the motors to fully operate.

The Camera

The platform in the quadcopter is very stable for the camera. Even when your jerky with the controls the camera continues to take exceptional video or photos. The picture quality is actually better than The Husband and my first cell phones! The quadcopter has a 1 Megapixel HD camera. The quadcopter saves to a 4gb SD Card, which is included with your quadcopter.


None!! The Husband and I are having a fantastic time with this quadcopter. The F1 is sturdy. Fun to fly. The batteries last almost a full 20 minutes! Takes great pictures and videos. Not a single whine from us!! We highly recommend this for beginners or experienced flyers.


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