ThorX Headphones Review


The ThorX headphones are great headphones in this price range and pretty much at least an additional price range upwards. Great value.

I needed a nice set of over the ear headphones that I could use out and about without the hassle of dealing with headphone amps etc.  I am happy to have come across these ThorX headphones. These have sounded great playing off my iPhone as well as my laptop, slightly better off the laptop. In addition to great sound I think they look very cool, a nice matte black with dark brushed aluminum headband, just a touch of chrome accent. Extremely well done in my opinion. I’m also a big fan of the nice flat cable that plugs into both your source and the headphones themselves, I have worn out and broken cables before, now I can just replace the cord if need be.

Now looking cool and replaceable cables aren’t the important part of headphones. The sound!, the ThorX headphones sound really good. I did much of my testing with a flat eq and medium high volume. I tried a little of everything from hip hop, classic rock, jazz, to metal.

The hip hop needed a touch of eq adjustment to suit me. Everything else played well with flat eq. The ThorX plays the middle frequencies very well, the extreme lows and highs lack slightly but just like every pair of headphones in this price range I’ve tried. A little eq-ing fixes most of that. For most people being not as picky, I’d say they are perfectly fine just plugging them in and listening. It is important to let these properly break in, more so than most headphones I’ve tried, they sound tight and lacking range right out of the box but after several hours they really open up to very nice sounding headphones.
I’m extremely happy with these Sently Thorx Headphones but if I had to nitpick something I would say the inline volume control, while it works great and looks good, for my personal taste having it about 3″ fartherp_Zac1.jpgr away from the headphones would be ideal. Not a big deal as you get used to it quick, but I’m one of those guys that like to look at it before I volume up/down even though it’s not necessary to do so since it’s rather obvious of the controls.

I would recommend these to just about everyone.

This post was written by my son Zac, a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Zachary is a audio sound specialist.



  • Tamra Phelps

    These would be great for my nephews. They can never find their headphones, so I’m always looking for some when they are here. I like the price on these & you get a lot for that price.


    It’s definitely a big plus that you only have to replace the cord itself (especially when you have a teething kitten in the house that has already eaten it’s way through one headset & my mobile phone charger!).

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