The Identical Movie Review! Elvis Lives!

Okay, so SOME of you may roll your eyes at me….. BUT, I am one of THOSE people that believes that Elvis is still alive! Yeah yeah… mock me if you will! BUT YOU DO NOT SPELL THE KING’S NAME WRONG on a headstone!!! It ISN’T DONE!!! Unless, you are a superstitious Elvis!! When they fix the headstone I will mourn!! Stop rolling your eyes!! Elvis LIVES!

I was of course giddy to be able to watch a new movie called “The Identical” This movie has the Elvis vibe in it from the opening scene!

I will not be giving any spoilers in this review.
We start with twin boys born during the Depression. The Hemsley family can’t afford both, they raise one and graciously bestow the second child to a preacher and his wife. Reece Wade is played by Ray Liotta and his wife is played by Ashley Judd, two of my favorite actors!
To save face the Hemsley family buries an empty box and grieve as if the child has died.
Both brothers are played by the same actor Blake Rayne, who has an uncanny resemblance to the King! (Hummmmm…. again with my theory of Elvis being alive!)

Both boys have strong musical talent, only one brother, Drexel gets discovered. Ryan is an auto mechanic by day singer at night.

This story takes off with a “Drexel Look Alike” contest and well, ya know…. WINS of course! The journey from there is what makes this movie so warm and heartfelt!
One more (maybe two) comparisons of the King himself. Elvis did have a twin that died at birth. (maybe?) Elvis was born poor.
The movie is filled with rockabilly music, but no Elvis songs are played. The sound however is all Elvis! So is the lip curl!

This movie has a strong religious theme, Ray Liota at his best as Preacher Wade!! The movie has a strong message about finding yourself and finding your own way!!

Two thumbs WAY, WAY UP for The Identical a wonderful, heartfelt movie. In theaters NOW!!

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