The K2R Cell Phone Car Mount Review

I am one of those people that uses her phone for everything. Especially the GPS feature!! I am also one of those people that can get lost going to her own mailbox. So, I am ALWAYS using the GPS.  So, have to be able to see the screen without taking my eyes off the road.  Check out the K2R Cell Phone Car Mount!! It’s a sleek looking car mount.  Not just sleek but super easy to use too.  The K2R fits most smart phone devices.

I have my K2R Car Cell Phone holder attached to the windshield of my car. No messing around trying to dig the phone out of my purse. The K2R uses a super strongc suction that holds TIGHT!! I truly appreciate the strong suction; there is nothing worse than a suctioned item giving up and falling off. First, it scares me to death! AND after my heart stops racing, my phone is also somewhere under my feet.

The K2R easily installs to either the window or the dashboard. As a matter of fact it takes less than a minute to set up this sleek looking, black cell phone holder. The K2R is a mix of matte black and red cushions.  When you place your phone in the holder squeeze the sides in to fit your phone. The cushions really protect your phone while they grip, keeping my phone secure and protected. When you want your phone out there is a simple one touch button that releases your phone! Super easy!!

The K2R isn’t just a pretty phone holder, it’s very flexible. The phone holder itself can rotate 360 degrees so I always have the best view possible.


I do wish the K2R was deeper. I have a bulkier wallet case for my Galaxy S4 and with that particular case on my phone, it doesn’t stay in the K2R. Luckily, the case is super easy to remove so I can use the holder.  Other than that the K2R Cell Phone Car Mount is a GREAT cell phone holder!




  • Tamra Phelps

    I can see how handy that would be. I wonder if it would still be a violation of the law against using cell phones while driving even if you are not holding the phone? well, either way, at least you know where your phone is & don’t have to dig for it!

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