Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops Review

I can NOT kick this COLD!! Okay, I kicked part of this cold, I’m not as achy. But the cough!! It’s the cough that just DOESN’T leave!! This is a deep dry cough! I am a huge fan of Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops!! Seriously! There is no medicine taste, just delicious taste! I truly thought that all throat drop/lozenge had to taste bad to be effective…. Pine Brothers proved that was a total myth.

If you’ve gotten this cold or flu or what ever it is, you know the cough! The one you can’t shake? This cough makes me sound like a performing seal!

First, Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops are almost like a gummy but harder. Second, which should be number one with streamers and confetti Pine Brothers has NO ‘medicine’ taste. After having this cold for so long; I am extremely EXCITED about that!!!!!! Pine Brothers Softish Throat drops taste GREAT!!! We are talking AMAZING taste!!!!!!! The Wild Cherry Flavor is my absolute favorite!


Pine Brothers was established in 1870!! That’s 140 years of expertise. BONUS! They are made right here in the USA.


As different as night and day. Or you could say it’s our secret recipe of premium plant glycerin and imported gum acacia, natural flavors and softish consistency. Pine Brothers are more than just a throat drop to soothe your sore throat, they are an experience!

Available in 4 different flavors.  I’ve found Pine Brothers at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. Check their site for the full list of places to pick up your bag; and if I were you I would have these on hand ALL of the TIME!!!!!


Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops come in a bag or in my favorite the refillable puck. The puck fits nicely in my purse so I always have my Pine Brothers with me.

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Are you kidding?!?! I love love love the taste of the Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops!!! They tame my cough AND each drop has only 5 calories!! You can’t beat that!!


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