The Man Sham Review & Giveaway!

I have found the easiest way to get a clean car! Order The Man Sham for your husband!! You thought I was going to say just using the Man Sham was the easiest way didn’t you? Well, technically The Man Sham made his job a WHOLE lot easier. I even graciously sent 3 year old Alice out to help Pop-Pop clean the car. (Yes, I do expect this to back fire on me sometime soon! Especially after sending the kid out to ‘help’!)

The Man Sham is a synthetic chamois that is the perfect gift for ANY car enthusiast; Man or Woman!

The unique design of its pore structure is the secret to its superior drying ability. The cell structure is more uniform and connected in order to allow this chamois to soak up a lot of moisture. When the towel is saturated, simply wring it out. It is lint free, so you can avoid the lint left behind on your freshly washed vehicle. The softness of the Man Sham prevents scratches to your vehicles finish.

DH and I are both huge fans of this LARGE chamois cloth! First, The Man Sham absorbs a LOT of water. A LOT!! The big bonus is the fact that this leaves no streaks on your car!! AND NO LINT!! We both are impressed with the size of this chamois. 9″ by 22″ in size.

The Man Sham is also fantastic in the kitchen for large water spills. This is even PERFECT for drying the dog after bath time!

The Man Sham is made of a synthetic material called PVA; which is specifically engineered to absorb water. Trust me it does what it was engineered to do!! This works way better than any towel we own! Because it absorbs so much more water and leaves NO lint! NO streaks!!  LOVE this little gem!!


Not a single one!! The The Man Sham is a great chamois; leaving my car dry, streak free and so shiny!! DH and Alice did such a great job you can even see the reflection of the flag in the hood! SWEET!!!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Man Sham! Good Luck!!



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