6 Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Regardless of the season, every home benefits from adding the perfect amount of comfort. A cozy home is an inviting home for friends and family members as well. A few ideas include hanging curtains on your wall or completing more practical home improvements such as improving your foundation.

There are so many inexpensive ways to add cozy touches and subtle décor elements. For example, adding a pop of color by hanging a neon sign (try Neon Mama to see some designs) can make a lot of difference compared to using bright ceiling lights.

Foundation Repair

Having your foundation repaired is essential, especially if you find you have a leaning chimney, a failing retainer wall, a sinking staircase, or the back corners of your home need improving. If you’re not sure who to turn to for this type of work look for a professional foundation repair company that specializes in foundation repair using both helical and resistance piers.

Hang Trendy Curtains Across a Wall

At first thought it may sound funny, but if you try hanging curtains all the way across a wall, you’ll be adding visual interest to your interior and also will be creating a cozy effect. Look for a variety of curtain options online or even at a store like Ikea. Depending on the theme in your space you can up the style factor with a trending design. Keep in mind you’ll need enough panels to reach across the wall, and the results will no doubt be warm and inviting.

Put a Warm Bathrobe in a Closet

Though not on display, a warm bathrobe that’s accessible to guests in a guest room closet will make them feel cozy and at home while visiting you. Plus it will also make them feel like they’re at a hotel because you took the time to put something unique, soft and inviting in their room.

Put a Cuddly Throw on a Sofa

Up the cozy factor in any space by placing a throw over a sofa or chaise. The blanket will be useful for guests when they come over and it will also add visual appeal – making your room look cozy and inviting. When friends come over they can curl up and chat or read a good book while visiting. A cuddly throw is also nice to have in guest rooms and other spaces.

Hang Your Favorite Family Photos

Different ways to hang your family photos is endless really. You can hang your photos by finding a large photo frame that consist of multiple frames together as one, or you can consider having a few canvases made of favorite photos. Or if you’re really feeling creative, buy some twine and clothespins and hang several photos across in the corner of a room. The possibilities of displaying photos are endless and seeing them displayed will make you feel comfort at home.

Make Your Home Cozy with Fur

Fur is another element that can make your home look and feel instantly warm. The fuzzy material will make your interior toasty warm, and it will compliment surrounding décor elements such as a throw, wall hanging, and other decorative pieces.


  • Dee Lafrenz

    If you have a guest bathroom, some fantastic lotions, soaps, maybe some bubble bath or great body wash. I always tried to leave a box of tissues, and make sure there are plenty of towels & wash cloths. A tray or basket of breakfast bars, crackers and some candy are a nice touch, maybe some fruit, with a bottle or two of water and an ice bucket if they get thirsty during the night. I had someone once write a short note telling me where the extra towels, pillows and blankets were, and a reminder to help myself to anything in the fridge! It also welcomed me to their home.

  • Amie H

    Thanks for the ideas. They surely will make any space cozier and the best part is that it does not cost a lot of money.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Sounds like really good ideas. Except for the fur thing, lol. I don’t have a spare mink laying around. Just kidding, I know you probably meant faux fur blankets or pillows. I love those!

  • Carol S.

    Nice tips. Thanks. I also like to leave a couple of appealing books on the guest bedroom table. Not only does it add to the decor it will come in handy for one that is eithe having a hard time falling asleep or just a comfort to read before going to sleep. I am a plant person and have plants throughout the house and I have received many compliments on having them be a wonderful addition to the decor to making my home feel colorful and comfortable.

  • Sandy Cain

    These are all good tips. Some are tough in an apartment, though. No foundation for me to worry about, except for the Cover Girl type. Hanging curtains is not option (for reasons I will not go into), and a guest room? LOL! A cuddly thow on a sofa would slide right off, because the sofa is covered in the original plastic it came in. I like the idea of hanging family photos with twine and clothespins, except we that to hang up the clothes. As for fur? That’s doable. Do you have an extra mink laying around that you don’t need? I’d be glad to take it off your hands!

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