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Chefcoo™ Kids & Adult Folding Step Stool Review

I was really excited to be given the chance to review the Chefcoo Kids & Adult Folding Step Stool. Since the Grandkids aren’t at the house all the time we don’t need to have the same step stools we had when our kids were little. BUT, we still need a stool for kids to use the sink in the bathroom and the counter in the kitchen. That’s where this amazing little stool comes in really, REALLY handy!!

This stool folds up FLAT and can be tucked away between the fridge and the counter or even under the sink. It’s THE PERFECT SIZE!! Not only the perfect size but it’s light enough that all three Grandkids all the way down to 3-year-old Alice can pick it up and easily move it around. The Chefcoo holds at least 270 pounds. I’ve made everyone in the family stand on this step stool and it doesn’t creak or move!! Very impressive for a step stool that weighs a little over 2 pounds!!

This Chefcoo folding step stool is the perfect size. 10″ by 8″ by 8″. Each of the kids gain 10″ of height. Which is perfect for the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink too! The step stool has non-skid pads on the bottom which keeps the stool in place. I love that feature because we have tile through out our house. I love that this stool feels secure on the floor.

Alice loves to help me bake and cook. Before this Chefcoo stool arrived we were using a dining-room chair; NOT a great idea because the chairs end out sliding around on the tile. I have to hook a foot around one of the legs of the chair to keep it in place. It’s an exhausting way to bake. This stepping stool is secure on the floor. The standing area is also big enough that the kids feel secure standing on it. Not just the kids but adults too!!

But, once again my favorite feature is that it folds up and stores away easily!!

This video is for Sarah.  Alice did NOT want off her stool! Check out that face!!

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No a single one!! Great size. Stores away quickly and easily. This is a great step stool for everyone!! AND in my opinion it’s also the perfect mint green color!!




    I’ve often wondered if these stools were as good as they sound. I need wonder no more! So much safer than getting up on a chair.

  • Christine A.

    I love the portability of this stepping stool. I’m impressed with how much weight the stool can carry and I love the added safety of the non-skid pads.

    • Connie Gruning

      OH MY GOSH!! She was in MOOD and would NOT get off the step stool so I made her go in the other room while I did the video. Then she wouldn’t get back ON the stool. Sheeesshhhhh. But, I promise to add photos this week. Actually I’ll add the short video of THE MOOD right now.

  • Sandy Cain

    We need a good step stool like this. You’re not getting me up on a ladder at this point. And it holds 270 pounds? Super, I’ll drop 30 pounds or so, and it’ll be perfect!

  • Tamra Phelps

    My 5 year old nephew is always carrying around our step stools, even sitting on them to watch TV, lol. Having an extra one for our use might be nice!

  • Nancy C

    it sounds like this tool is perfect for little ones to help bake, just like you said. I have the same situation with my 3 year old. Will have to check out this stool!

  • Carol S.

    This is perfect! I need one of those for myself and would be great for my grandson when he comes to visit. And what a wonderful price. Thanks for sharing.

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