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K-Sports Outdoor Backpacking Sleeping Bag

christmas-bannerHere is a great Holiday Gift for any outdoors man! A toasty warm flannel-lined, nylon exterior tube-shaped sleeping bag. When we camp in Yosemite it get’s COLD at night. REALLY cold. This sleeping bag is like cuddling in flannel sheets. Nice and SOFT!!

I love that the top of the K-Sports sleeping bags can be closed around your head. Seriously, my ears get COLD! This will help.

This sleeping bag is ultralight and rectangular in shape. This sleeping bag is  33.5″ wide by 86.5″ deep.  Perfect for even tall adults. 

The sleeping bag is good for keeping you warm, it’s not super padded so you should still pack your air mattress or sleeping pad. The outer part of this sleeping bag is nylon so not only will you stay warm, you’ll stay dry!

There are three zippers, one across the bottom of the bag, and then a zipper from the top and a zipper from the bottom. The extra zippers allow you to unzip the bag from the bottom up to allow increased airflow. Which is really great for me because I tend to sleep rather warm.

Added bonus you can zip two bags together for an extra-large bag.

There is not a single snag, loose thread or imperfection anywhere on this sleeping bag. The heavy-duty zipper works like a charm; without a single drag.

This Backpacking Sleeping Bag rolls up nicely and is held together with nylon backpack style straps. Absolutely perfect for hikers.  Added bonus is the sleeping bag is light weight so it really won’t be an added burden to hikers.


Nope, none. All the way to the beautiful blue nylon exterior to the flannel checked interior this is a wonderful sleeping bag.  I’ll be warm and dry during our next camping trip. This is a wonderful addition to our camping supplies.

What about you?  Are you a camper? Wanna meet us in Yosemite in May??



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