Starting Kindergarten: How to Prepare Your Child

Getting your child into kindergarten is a good idea. It will help them to create friendships, learn social skills and receive an education that you can’t provide them with by yourself.

But, the thought of taking them to kindergarten can be extremely daunting. You’ll have to deal with being separated from your child for an extended period of time and they may not want to leave your side; that’s when you get the tantrums or tears at the gates.

Fortunately it is possible to avoid this.

Choose The Right Place

You need to visit several establishments and find the one that your child seems to be comfortable with. Of course, you should check first to ensure you are visiting kindergartens that offer the best possible care and education; this is a great one to start with if you’re looking for child care Belfield.

If you are happy with the friendliness, cleanliness and attitude of the staff then you are likely to feel relaxed; this will be obvious to your child and help them to be comfortable with it.

Talking Is Good

Explain to your child, no matter how young they are the benefits of kindergarten and why they need to go. You should do this as you visit each place and even ask for their opinion on each place.

Of course the ultimate decision is yours but if they are involved then they will feel less scared about going.

If they have any concerns encourage them to tell you; that will help you to address them.

A Short Intro

Before they are due to start properly you can take your child to the kindergarten and show them where everything is. It is also a good idea to leave them for approximately 30 minutes or a little longer if possible.

What is important is the way you leave them. Get them to talk or play with the other kids on their own terms while you sit on the sidelines. Warn them in advance that you’ll be popping out for a few minutes and then simply fade away when they are busy.


Your child may like to hold onto a specific teddy or some other object which will make it easier for them to transition to being without you.

Talk to your child before the day and decide on what object they want, if any. You should also advice the teachers of what they have to ensure there are no issues at school. Chances are they won’t want it after a few days.

It is also essential that you go through the drop off and the pick-up routines you intend to follow. This will help your child to feel comfortable when you drop them off.

The more in control they feel the more they will see it as a big adventure and be happy to do it. Talking is essential to the smooth transition from home to kindergarten.

There is no guarantee there won’t be tears but you can always dry your eyes on the way back home or to work.

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