The Bluffer’s Guide To Dogs Review

dogsSassy! Y’all know how much I love sarcasm and sass. So of course this book was right up my alley!! Very tongue-in-check funny.

The Bluffer’s series is known for their wit and dry humor and this book fits right in.

This book is full of fascinating facts about our fur babies and how they feel about us.  This book is great for dog lovers and non dog owners.

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of canine canniness. Never again confuse your BARF with your bite, your BAER with your bark, or your British bulldog with your Bavarian boarhound. Bask in the admiration of your fellow dog lovers as you pronounce confidently on the evolution of the family known as Canidae and hold your own against the most dogmatic of self-professed dog professionals.

image001One of my favorite lines is in the cover flap of the book:

“If you were a visiting Martian and saw two creatures walking together, one scooping up the other’s poop, who would you think was in charge?”

That makes me laugh every time I read it.  Not too far behind is the quote “When it jumps onto a double bed, a dog will seek to split the human occupants by lying down between them, gradually nudging them further apart. it will rarely be satisfied until at least one of you is on the floor”

How true is that??

The Bluffer’s Guide to Dogs isn’t just funny quotes but full of helpful information for dog owners.

Written by Simon Whaley is a writer, author and a photographer.

Like many writers, he’s had a few proper jobs along the way (high street bank, local government, civil service) but found that life as a writer suits him better. Since becoming a full-time writer in January 2004, he’s authored and contributed to several books, written hundreds of articles and seen several of his short stories published across the world.




    I love the cover picture of the dalmation – it brought back loads of memories of taking Tizzie our big black lab for walks. He had a bright red collar so I used to wear all black with a red scarf! How daft am I!

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