YogaDog Leather Dog Collar


I just read an article that said: 95% of Americans admit to buying Christmas gifts for their pets – and one in 20 say they spend MORE than $100 on the presents

I admit I am one of them, well maybe not $100; we are retired after all! But I do make sure that Miss Gracie has a gift under the tree.  This year Christmas came early for our girl in the form of a Yogadog 100% leather collar.

You know that worn in, supple leather belt you own? The one you’ve had for years? The one you would never part with? Well, imagine that as a dog collar! Seriously, THAT is how soft and supple this leather collar is. The Husband and I couldn’t get over the feeling of this Genuine Leather Dog Collar.

This collar is expertly made. The brass hardware adds that special touch to make this an extremely nice looking collar. The gold buckle and the loops along with the rivets stand out against the beautiful brown collar. Another thing I love about this collar??  The loops, buckle and rivets are also rust proof!!


I am truly blown away at the quality and workmanship of this all leather collar. Our beautiful Golden Lab looks absolutely amazing in this collar. This collar would look amazing on any pet!
If you have a pet that pulls or tugs, this is a STRONG collar too! Gracie doesn’t pull, well, unless she sees a s-q-u-i-r-r-e-l (Yes, I did just spell that word. It’s one of her trigger words I NEVER say out loud; unless of course she is curled up on my corner of the couch and I want to sit down)

Yogadog is truly the highest quality, genuine leather, dog training collar.  This is a collar meant for a medium or large size dog.

More to love is the fact that this Yogadog collar has a lifetime guarantee

Do you put presents under the tree for your fur-babies?



  • rebeccabasset

    My Dog has a Rash under Her Neck, so I have been keeping Her without a Collar, which is somewhat disturbing for me, I will give a Leather Collar a try.

    Thanks for the Post, and the Information!

  • Melissa S

    I could really use this collar for my Aussie, he is very strong and is a puller.
    I love that it is leather and so nice looking.

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