The Perfect Picnic Spots for Your Australia Trip!!

When it comes to art, food, and adrenaline pumping activities, Australia is the go-to place of all travelers. Surrounded by mountains, hills, and the biggest oceans in the world — there is no wonder why Australia is such an exciting place to visit.

However, some travelers just want to relax when we they’re on vacation. None of those rappelling or kayaking activities, but a chill day spent laughing with friends and family. So on your next Australia trip, why not try going on a picnic? Here are some of the best picnic spots across Australia.

JC Slaughter Falls

If you do not want to drive too far from the Central Business District in Brisbane, then JC Slaughter Falls is the perfect spot for you. Located at the Mt. Coot-tha Reserve, JC Slaughter Falls is just a short drive away from city central. Here, there are bushlands where you can set up your picnic spot. Later in the day, you may also choose to take a short hike up the mountain where you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Moreton Bay and Brisbane. If you have kids in the group, choose the Aboriginal Art Trail because it is easier to traverse than the Summit Track.

RJ Hamer Arboretum

Arboretum means a garden for trees, and this park in Victoria is definitely true to its name. There are more than 150 species of native and exotic trees at the RJ Hamer Arboretum, which you can enjoy through the many trails in between this forest-like park. In addition, you will enjoy views of the Yarra Valley from at any vantage point. Picnics are actually encouraged here. There are free electric barbecue and picnic shelters available for use, not to mention a playground for the kids’ enjoyment.

Wellington Park

Hobart, Tasmania is already a beautiful place to visit. If you are tired of buildings and overcrowded places, the old-world charm of Hobart is the perfect respite from it. While you are there though, make sure you include a picnic at Wellington Park. Picnic spots you can choose from including Fern Tree Bower which has a multitude of ancient tree ferns, a level picnic area with an elevation of 720m at The Springs, and the summit of Mount Wellington at The Pinnacle with an elevation of 1270m.

Litchfield National Park

Located in Darwin, Northern Territory, Litchfield National Park is home to several waterfalls that cascade sandstone pillars at the Lost City. If you are with kids, you may want to set up at Buley Rockholes so you and the kids can enjoy a hot springs experience when you take a dip in the rockholes.

Matilda Bay Reserve

Matilda Bay is popular even among the locals because of the Swan River and the bottlenose dolphins that can be spotted here. You can also watch water birds like pelicans, swans, herons, cormorants and more during your picnic here. Other activities you can enjoy include cycling and rowing. There are electric barbecues available for use, too.

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    The love of my life (ok, I was only 22) left me for Australia. I mean, what’s a continent got that I haven’t 😉

  • CJ

    I have always wanted to visit Australia. My best friend in high school always wanted to go on our honeymoon. We’ve lost touch over the years but I always wanted to know if she ever did get to go….

  • Ryan Biddulph

    The Matilda Bay Reserve sounds fun Connie for the wildlife. Dolphins and shorebirds? Up my alley buddy. I love being around nature, and toss in a little picnic, some chill time, and I am set for the day. One reason why I dig NZ so much for our 3 month trip here is because of ample bird life. Love these guys flying and swimming over and through the sea.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d love to visit Australia, but I don’t know if I’d survive the plane trip, lol. Maybe I’d take a slow boat.

  • Rosie

    I wouldn’t have thought of a picnic, but these places do sound so nice, and it would be something that wouldn’t cost much, and you’re going to eat, anywy!

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