The Potty Boot Camp Book

The Potty Boot Camp!!

I can’t believe I am potty training again!! I don’t think NaNa’s supposed to potty train!! Aren’t NaNa’s only supposed to spoil grandkids??? ACKKK!! Seriously, by the time my youngest was potty trained it ’bout killed one of us!! Eventually, I threw up my hands and said I’d let his wife do it. I assume at 33 he is potty trained. So, here I am again with another stubborn kid that refuses to be potty trained.
Since Alice and I spend the day together while her parents work, I get to be the one to convince this stubborn little cherub to pee pee in the poddy. NaNa has a special pee pee song, NaNa has a pee pee dance, NaNa has stickers and little candies. And Alice doesn’t care!! I’ve tried everything I can think of to potty train this kid. Alice is more stubborn than all three of my kids rolled into one!! (it’s a good thing she is so dang cute!!)

PottyThen I read Potty Boot Camp by Dr. Suzanne Riffel. First this is a short book! THANK HEAVENS!!! I don’t have time to read the equivalent of War and Peace the potty years. I need answers, tips and ideas that WORK!!!  I have to say, Potty Boot Camp is filled with SO MANY things I hadn’t even considered!!  Seriously, I thought I was a pro at the potty training stuff. I was wrong!!  I came away with ideas that WORKED!!  Dr. Riffel knows her stuff.

The prep work you do ahead of time truly TRULY helps!!   Then 2 days of BOOT CAMP!!  It’s hell…. just like boot camp. NaNa has to color her hair soon for the gray hairs that have surfaced during the first few days. (MAN THIS KID IS STUBBORN!!) BUT!! I’m not certain we are 90% trained but we are close. (Have I mentioned this kid is stubborn?!?!) I know that it’s because of Potty Boot Camp that Alice will be wearing big girl panties and NaNa will be done with potty training!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH doesn’t that bring a smile to your face?? It does mine!!

This book is AWESOME, truly the only bad thing I can say about it is: WHERE were you when I was potty training the first time around?!?!?!

Things to think about: the average cost of diapering a child to age 2 1/2 is $2500.00?  The Potty Boot Camp is only $14.99!! 

How old was your child when you started potty training? Did you do anything special that helped??

Thanks for reading!! See you tomorrow!

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