The Tethys Case for iPhone 6 Review

The TETHYS Protective Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 is awesome!
I wanted a thin case for my phone that would actually protect my phone, the Tethys does both very well!

Thin design and shock protection were at the top of my list, the waterproof part was just an added bonus. Upon unpacking the case and reading the waterproof testing instructions I figured I would give it a try, the Tethys case certainly looked like it was up to the challenge. Following the instructions I sealed up the case and submerged it in water for 5 minutes. The inside of the Tethys remained perfectly dry! That instantly made me think that there had to be a trade-off, it couldn’t be water proof without interfering with the functionality of my phone, I was wrong. I’ve noticed zero negative affect. The screen clarity as well as the touch response were not effected, the camera, speaker and microphone also worked the same. I’ve been using the case for about a week now and I am very happy, the case fits very snug and slim while having great shock protection. I haven’t had any water issues yet but it has proven its impact protection twice, both times the Tethys did its job. The case stayed in place, the seal was not effected at all.

The flaps covering the charging port and headphone jack are perfect, they seal well with a very gratifying snugness, the best of any case I’ve used.

While the TETHYS Protective Waterproof Case waterproof capability was not at the top of my list, it also makes the case incredibly dust and dirt proof! At work I am constantly sanding and grinding, my phone is always getting dirt in charge port, the speakers, headphone jack, everywhere! This case seals up so well, I’ll never have to worry about that again!



Written by my son Zac, a regular contributor here on PBnWhine. Zachary is a sound specialist at Pro Custom Camp Pendleton, California.




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