There Is An Oil For That!!

It is a saying in our neck of the woods that first is funny. Because,  it is like a trivia game that my friends and family played with me. And then it became a mantra. we live with oils in our house every day. they are our first line of defense.
Can your oils………..
*Help with my threenager? Because I am about to put him out on the curb with the trash
Um, yea it is called White Angelica and it helps support the body by making them calm the off down. And then there is wine for me. Win-win
*Help prevent me from getting all the crud that is going around? I mean, people are dropping like flies
Um, yea I can make you a roller of thieves, oregano, lemon……tons of immune boosters.
*My back is out of whack. I feel like I am 100 years old.
Um, yea. Panaway is my fave. It have wintergreen that has aspirin like effect. Plus it is cooling and soothing.
Then they turn up the heat, and ask me some really weird questions……
*If I never have sex again, I would be juuuust  fine. Have an oil for that?
Oh, I am so glad you asked. Joy and Cypress on your inner thighs and thank me later. Can you believe that?
*I my husband has get up to go to the bathroom several times a night. 
Sure, try Cypress it works wonders for bladder control
*My husband SNORES like a lion. Can you help me there?
Yep, it is called Valor. One drop under his toe. Good night Irene.
I could go on forever and ever and ever. But in short, yes, there is an oil for that. They have worked for my family and friends and millions of others. But the skeptics still live ( I was a skeptic for a long time. Even after they worked several times over, I was still skeptical) And sometimes you just need to try something to see if it works, right?
I mean, sample might be my favorite word ever. Have you ever been to Costco for lunch….and by that I mean sampled some of the treats while you shop? Department store beauty counter samples, best thing ever.
My favorite though, might be the cutest little tiny package in the mail of oil samples. Hand packages and sent specifically for what ails you. Yep, those are my FAVORITE. And I will send them to you! To try and fall in love with just like I did. Send me an email (ja***@dr****************.com) or a comment here, let me know what you are in need of…..because, there is an oil ………….


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