Well, At Least The Cat’s Back!!

And so the whine with continues!  If you are new here the back story can been seen here: Where’s Mom?  Basically, the Cliff Notes version is: My Mom passed away on December 29, 2017, her cat Biscuit passed away 12 days later.

Mom’s remains still have not arrived.  Mom passed away 24 days ago.

But, the cat’s ashes are back.

The cat passed away 12 days after my Mom.

Of course, because it seems that I can’t catch a break here…… Biscuit’s name is spelled wrong.  But, that made me laugh so, Bisquit stays. Think my Mom is up in heaven sayin’ bes quit bitchin?  Maybe THAT’s why the name is spelled wrong?!

Well played Mom. Well played.

Something is seriously wrong with The Trident Society.

Where is MY MOTHER!??!


  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, Connie. You have me laughing & crying at the same time! I could offer some comforting words like ‘It doesn’t matter where her ashes are, you know exactly where she really is’ –but the fact is you have a right to be mad as hell. Does this Trident place have a Facebook or Twitter account?? Maybe we should all go there & demand to know why your Mom isn’t with you yet. As my Mom used to say, “That might light a fire under their ass!” Bad word of mouth/publicity gets to these places.

  • Rosie

    Connie I said a prayer for you and your family just now, but I did have to chuckle at your little joke. It is a cute box, too bad they couldn’t spell little kitty’s name right. And you won’t be able to have any peace until you get Mom back.

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