Grill Lantern – BBQ Grill Light Review

When you live in Southern California you BBQ a lot. Year around; it’s one of the greatest perks! But, since I don’t get home until almost 7:00 PM every night barbecuing isn’t always an easy task.

DH & I are so thrilled with our Barbecue Grill Light called the Grill Lantern! It has 10 super bright LED lights. The Grill Lantern is completely adjustable; not just horizontally but vertically as well. Grilling at night has never been so easy!!

The Grill Lantern is battery operated and turns on and off easily with one button.

Installation couldn’t be easier. There is an adjustable screw-on clamp that fits even our large handle. You can attach the lantern to any grill handle no matter what shape up to 1.45″ That’s BIG!! The clamp itself is lined with rubber so it doesn’t scratch your grill handle or whatever it is fastened to. Once the light is attached it’s doesn’t slide around.

What we love the most about the Grill Lantern is the fact there is no more running in the house to see if our food is done; then back out for more cook time. NO more burnt food either!!

I am thoroughly impressed with the folks at Kuisiware. Not only is this an awesome Grill Lantern but they included absolutely everything I need to get started!! From the small screw driver to remove the battery cover to the BATTERIES themselves!! That’s impressive!

With a touch of a button. A super sensitive; no muss, no fuss button at that; you are grilling in the dead of night if you want. I can’t wait to get this little guy up in Yosemite; a place that gives dark a whole new meaning!

The 10 super bright LEDs really do light the entire grill surface. Seriously making it a breeze to barbecue at night.

More about the lantern; I am able to swivel the lamp a full 180°. The lantern is made with a heat-resistant ABS material  that can withstand intense heat for long periods of time. The black matte finish looks awesome and honestly looks better than our grill!! (I think our grill was embarrassed to be photographed with the Grill Lantern!

One set of batteries will last for up to 12 hours.

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How can I possibly find a reason to whine over Barbecuing?! First the mess is outside. Second DH is in charge of all barbecuing at our house, no cooking for me. AND NOW?!?!! DH can’t use the excuse ‘it’s too dark’ HA!! Barbecue GOOD!!! The light is super bright! The fact that the light swivels means no part of the grill is dark. This is a GREAT light!! Two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY UP!!




    I’m afraid that since I live in Ireland, BBQs are few & far between! Having said that I can see real advantages to owning a couple of these. We live in an area that is often stormy & that means power cuts, often for hours & occassionally, days. Something like this would be invaluable.

  • Donna Martin

    Good for barbecue grills, or many other uses because you can clamp it in place and adjust the aim for optimum illumination on your task.

  • Brandi Dawn

    This is such a great idea! I cannot tell you how many times we have had to put the meat BACK on the grill because we could see well enough in the dark to tell it was not done, lol.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have to admit this sounds really handy. It would be great when camping, since there is no light in the woods, lol.

  • Chris O

    As someone who’s on the night shift (Yes, that’s us bbqing at 5am.), I really love this little gem.
    My only whine is that it’s not water proof but a shower cap fixes that.

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