DesertWolf Cotton Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag

The minute my new DesertWolf Cotton Canvas Messenger bag arrived my daughter Selena snatched it up and would NOT let it go. So, this is Selena’s review!

I have long coveted professional leather Messenger Bags.  I’ve never had reason to buy one and without an intended purpose, contemplating spending hundreds of dollars on a buttery soft, distressed leather bag was out of the question. I am too practical for that, too poor and what if it didn’t live up to my expectations? So, instead I heft around a 40 lb backpack packed to the gills with work gear, school books, camera accessories, toddler distractions, snacks and a pair of emergency pants (4 words I never thought I would say). My bags have to be able to withstand my lifestyle, lots of easily accessible pockets, broad straps and it has to be easily secured. I’ve got a 3-year-old and don’t have time to fumble around at the bottom of a cavernous purse looking for keys, I need simplicity and I want it to look sexy. The Desertwolf Vintage Canvas & Leather soft messenger bag gives me everything I need except a nap. I really need a nap. This bag is masculine, functional and beautiful – if I’d share, my accountant husband would carry it.

It’s functional like a diaper bag: once you un-snap the front flap there are 2 wide pockets that snap closed. These are perfect for car keys, wallet, water bottle, dolls, day-planner and pens. Folding back the leather flap and un-zipping the storage area reveals three pockets that run the length of the bag. Two large pockets divided by a zippered area. This zipper divider is perfect for my tablet or other items I don’t want strangers to have easy access to. My desire to have simple accessibility is satisfied in two ways: the bag holds a ton of stuff like a backpack but doesn’t require that I remove every item in order to find that one thing and there is an abundance of storage areas for little things. Along the front interior panel are two cell phone width inserts and along the back panel there is a zipper pouch I use to stash the usual hygiene items. Lastly once you close the Messenger Bag and secure the flap there is ANOTHER pocket on the back that zips closed. I haven’t found a use for it yet but it’s only a matter of time. The straps are adjustable so I can carry it across my body, on my shoulder or I can just use the leather handle along the spine of the flap. I love this bag so much that I find myself actually carrying it as an adult bag for school and work and leaving my backpack as a kid-outing-go-bag. It’s so nice to regain some individuality.



  • Sarah L

    Aren’t you glad that Connie lets you steal some of the review loot she gets? Looks like a great and functional bag.

  • Tamra Phelps

    First, I just love the look of this bag. I looks upscale enough to carry it anywhere, but casual enough for everyday. Then, I like how functional it seems to be. It doesn’t matter how great it looks, if it’s not usable who would carry it, you know? This is usable!

  • Rosie

    This is a great tote! I had to bring a tote once to a place where I wanted to look professional, and instead of a flowery fabric tote, if I had this, it would have helped make a better impression!

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