Retro Style, Wayfarer Clubmaster Sunglasses Under $10!

Last week I shared with you my great internet find FREYRS Eyewear. I love, LOVE, LOVE this site!! Being slightly  totally and completely obsessed with sunglasses THIS is a perfect site. Living close to San Diego means I am thoroughly blessed with more bright sunny days than not. With all of that bright sunshine has come a love of sunglasses. I’ve told you before can’t pass a rack full of sunglasses without trying on at least one….. dozen… I love ‘em! I’m also picky about my sunglasses, working for an optometrist for over 10 years spoiled me!

Last week I shared my post about the Vintage Fashion Cat Eye with Rhinestones sunglasses.  They are SO CUTE!!! This week, I want to tell you about another Retro Style, this one is Wayfarer Clubmaster. Now if you are a ‘ban fan this pair of classic’s will be right up your alley!! WOW!! Under $10!?!??! For Clubmaster Wayfarer Sunglasses?!?!  The Wayfarer comes in Tortoise Brown which is what I’m showing you now. The Clubmaster is also available in Black w/Grey lenses, Black w/Green lenses, Matte Tortoise w/Green lenses and Matte Black with solid lenses.

The top of this frame is plastic, the bottom is metal. The gradient amber tinted lenses have absolutely no distortion at all!! My vision is clear in these sunglasses. Adjustable nose-pads too; which I love because the bridge of my nose is skinny. (At least somewhere on me is skinny! Why couldn’t it be my…. never mind)

I still can’t believe these sunglasses are UNDER $10!!

Quick reminder about buying glasses on-line; it really is easy! You don’t need to be worried. Find a pair of your own glasses or sunglasses, a pair that fit you perfectly. Inside on the temple (the arm) of your glasses and sunglasses will be numbers; usually 3 sets. These numbers tell you the measurements of the glasses. The temple will be the largest number. The next largest will be the frame height and the smaller 2 digit number will be the bridge or nose size.

These Retro Style, Wayfarer Clubmaster dimensions are:
Frame Height: 45mm
Frame Width: 140mm

This pair is slightly larger than the Cat Eye sunglasses from last week. Lot’s of great coverage and a very comfortable fit.


I am still not whining!! I love these sunglasses!! What could I whine about?? The fit is perfect, the lenses are awesome!! The frame is 100% perfect!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE FREYRS!!  Another pair coming next week!! I KNOW!!! I am so SPOILED!!!

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    I’m like Tamra (above) – Raybans were definitely my thing along with cheesecloth, beads & flares jeans. I even owned an Afghan coat which was great until it got wet, then it stank like a old dog!

  • Adelynn Lovellette

    I don’t think I can pull off that style of sunglasses. Personally I just think it makes me look like I have a unibrow, lol. You look great in it though.

  • Tamra Phelps

    When I was teen back in the late 70s/early 80s, Raybans were what everyone had to have, lol. I guess my attachment to sunglasses developed then. These look great!

  • Rosie

    These are soo nice, if they had cost much more I would still think the same. Knowing their price, you can stock up, esp if you are like me and either lose them or sit on them and break them, even favs!

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