Top Calf Compression Sleeve by Besta Sports

Don’t panic PBnWhine followers…. this is my daughter Selena’s review. Of course you would realize that the second you read running. Am I right??

I recently started running again after a three year hiatus and let me tell you MY SHIN SPLINTS ARE KILLING ME!!! Desperate for relief I have tried everything including ice, a calf roller, aspirin, back to the roller and K-tape. You know what’s helped? Besta Sports Top Calf Compression Sleeve – they are wonderful. I’ve even taken to wearing them when I’m not running and let me tell you I feel ridiculously better. The relief is worth my husband mocking me for wearing compression sleeves around the house (apparently he didn’t get the memo that their not just for grannies anymore). The material is soft and comfortable for wear throughout the day and because its breathable there is no accumulation of sweat. Honestly, these are so comfortable I forget I have them on. Still skeptical? The first day I was too so I only wore one to see if there was a benefit to wearing compression sleeves. At the end of my morning run I took it off and noticed that the bare leg was miserable and the sleeved one was blissfully unaware that we had just trudged three miles.

These are worth your money!

Calf Compression Sleeves are a MUST-HAVE for athletes.

Besta Sports’ 24% spandex/76% nylon compression sleeves are designed to be COMFORTABLE and to LAST. Spandex is the best material available for keeping strong pressure on your calves; the nylon wicks out excess moisture while letting air reach the skin. This combination provides outstanding performance with total comfort; the sleeves don’t itch or make your legs feel hot, they don’t roll down your leg as you run or walk, and they maintain full elasticity for months.
The sleeves are suitable for MEN AND WOMEN of any age, and fit calf sizes between 12 and 15 inches (Medium), and between 15 inches and 18 inches (Large). As with all Besta Sports products, these calf compression sleeves are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and include top-notch, responsive customer service.

FEEL LIKE you have a new pair of young legs, with high-quality, comfortable, lightweight calf compression sleeves from Besta Sports. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, you will have more stamina and strength while easing that constant leg and muscle pain which seem to “come with the job.” If you are a runner or jogger, you will be protected against strained muscles, shin splints and cramps, and the pain they cause, even if you are running an uphill course or doing intense cardio circuits.


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  • Tamra Phelps

    Hmm, I wonder if my Mom could use these. She has to wrap her legs every day because of blood clots, & she hates doing it, but the pantyhose type things they gave her to try were a nightmare to get on. I’ll have to tell her about these! They sound like just the ticket.

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