Tips For Buying The Right Winter Boots

Buying boots for winter is about more than just fashion. You also need to think about where you plan on wearing the boots and which features you need. For instance, if you spend most of your time walking on neatly shoveled sidewalks, the boots that you need are far different than if you plan on hiking through deep snow.

Keeping Your Feet Dry Will Help Them Stay Warm

During the winter, cold feet are often caused by moisture. In some cases, this is the result of sweat getting trapped next to your feet in boots that are made out of non-breathable materials. Boots that are not properly waterproofed can also leave you with wet feet, which makes it much harder to keep them warm. Opting for Bearpaw boots is a great option since they are designed to keep your feet dry. Not only are they waterproof but they also are made out of breathable materials. As you shop, consider these factors:

To keep water from getting inside your boots, look for the IMPER-X tag. Boots featuring this tag are made out of materials that resist water. The seams on the boots are also sealed to keep water from getting in.

With leather or fabric boots, make sure that the seams are sealed. Waterproof membranes are also beneficial when it comes to keeping your feet dry.

Boots that are made out of waterproof materials are always a great choice. If nothing else, choose a pair that has a waterproof booties to protect your feet from moisture.

Look For Boots That Are Adequately Insulated

Well-insulated boots do a much better job of keeping your feet warm when temperatures drop outside. Some of the materials you should look for include Thermolite or Thinsulate. These materials are designed to hold your body heat in without trapping excess moisture next to your feet.

Check The Temperature Ratings

Temperature ratings, which are sometimes referred to as comfort ratings, can be useful when determining whether or not a pair of boots is appropriate for your area. Our boots undergo testing at special facilities to determine their thermal ratings. The testing process is conducted inside a special chamber using a model foot. The temperature of the foot is carefully tracked to determine how effective the boots are at maintaining the correct body temperature under different conditions.

Keep in mind that comfort ratings are not an exact science. Your own personal level of comfort can be affected by everything from your body’s circulation to your natural temperature. Outside factors such as wind chill can also affect how warm your feet feel inside a pair of boots.

Get A Great Fit

Making sure your boots fit properly is extremely important. Typically, with boots, it is good to leave a little bit of extra room so that you can wear thick socks. Having extra space inside the boots also provides room for body heat to accumulate and makes it easier for any excess moisture to evaporate.

Look for boots with adjustable collars or laces so that you can customize the fit to the shape of your feet.

Consider The Height Of The Boots

Taller boots keep a larger percentage of your leg warm, which can make it easier for them to keep your feet comfortable. If you plan on walking through deep snow, choose boots that have a collar that can be adjusted or tightened to keep the snow from getting in the top of the boot.



  • Rosie

    Oh oh, that reminds me, I need winter boots. I was going to shop sales end of last winter, but I wanted to find something that is good for ice, whether I need cleats or what .I have a pair of cleats but they seem so spooky in that I need to still be able to walk also not on ice when wearing them. I should start now, it will be snowing and icing soon enough! Great tips!!!!!

  • Crystal K

    LOL I needed this article. Last winter my mom shamed me into buying new boots because mine had holes in them so bad that my socks were visible!

  • Mary Gardner

    I really like the look of the Bearpaw’s in your post. I have had a few pairs of boots that seemed great but didn’t have enough insulation so even though I stayed dry, I didn’t stay warm! These are all great tips for buying boots.

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