Title Loans in Houston TX

Seriously, why can hospitals charge you $12 for an ASPIRIN?!?! I could go to Costco and get a HUGE bottle for less!!  An unexpected trip to the emergency room racked up a HUGE bill for my Aunt in Texas. She was ready to sell her car, but instead, she found Title Loans in Houston TX. She’s a better detective than I am…. I had no idea companies like this existed. (I’m glad they do though!!) My Aunt gave them her car information and they gave her a loan for the current value of her car!!  In a pinch and it’s really nice to know you can get help when you need it. 
Title Loans in Houston TX loaned my Aunt more than enough to help with the hospital bill. The best part?  My Aunt is still driving her car……. Title Loans of Huston TX keeps the title of her car until her loan is paid. Another big perk, they didn’t care what kind of credit she had either!!  
Okay, back to my other soap box…… $12 for an ASPIRIN!?!??! 


  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Very funny to anonymous! I think it is ridiculous too! When my dad went in we took his meds. with us to save on the costs. Still cost an arm and a leg though.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding $12.00 aspirins. first these are not the same as regular over the counter aspirins. Hospital aspirins are specially made, the manufacture has a special wing that makes hospital aspirins. I will explain how it works, at say 6PM every hospital calls in their order (so someone has to figure out how many they will need) the manufacture then makes the special aspirin, bottles them and then has an armored car pick that order up, takes it to a company jet that flies them to whatever state they are needed. Another armored car then takes the aspirin to hospital that ordered them. Then they are placed in a special paper cup placed on special tray and taken to each individual patient. Plus you get to keep special paper cup. So, I hope this helps to explain cost. In case you wonder how I know this, I have a Masters Degree in BS,

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