Too much water.

Heaven!  Had all 3 of my kids with their families……. which means all 3 of my Grandbabies!
But now?  Now the kitchen sink is backed up…….. and the house STINKS!!!! COME ON!!!!!

I searched on the net to find a quick fix that didn’t mean going to the store right now!!!
Ohhh very excited I had everything!

Pour 1 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the drain and immediately cover the drain.

Leave alone for 30 minutes……  I have time to go watch Suburgatory!!

Then run HOT water through the sink and whoooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHOLDIT!!??!!  Why is it backing up sooooooo FAST!??!  Why do I have MORE water in the sink that before the ‘fix’.

When the water drains down some (Whanna know where that water went!?!?!?!  I’ll give you one guess….into the washing machine!!!!  Ohhhh yea…. it’s that kind of night!!) I could repeat the baking soda/vinegar process again, but I used it all.  Sooooo I think I’ll just LET DH fix the mess.  Yea… that seems like a great idea.  Ohhhh and FYI…. front load washers? when water backs up in them?  YOU CAN’T unlock the washer!!!  Of course what would be in a washer today?! Baby Alice’s pajama’s.  Ummm hummmm
AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I’m going to bed.
This in my best Scarlett O’Hara “I’ll think about it tomorrow” 

15 minutes later…………….. 

Ahhhhhh who are we kidding?! I can’t go to bed with the sink gross and backed up.  So I remember someone once told me they put dishwasher tablet in the sink and mix it up with the garbage disposal.  So I figured ‘why not!’  and HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  10 minutes later!!!  I win!! HA HA HA HA!!!  Connie ONE – kitchen sink Z-E-R-O!!  (not to mention my sink is soooo clean and shiny now!! 

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  • Jenny

    You are hilarious – hope your day goes better tomorrow 🙂 I am hopping by from Keepin’ Company Thursday and am your newest follower. Please come and check out my blog too….though I think I need to find more humor like you!

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