Top Tips for a Comfortable Home!!

No Place Like It: Top Tips for a Comfortable Home

When it comes to your interior décor, you can follow the latest design trends, invest in the snazziest gadgets and assemble gleaming regiments of color-coordinated accessories, but if your home isn’t comfortable, you’re totally missing the point. First and foremost, your house is for living in, and it needs to reflect your personality and what makes you happy. Here are some ways to get the most out of your precious space:

Make bed your basecamp

You probably spend at least one third of each day in bed, so it’s crucial to make it comfortable. We can’t all afford a top of the range luxury divan, but there are small alterations you can make to your boudoir to send you into dreamland smiling. Memory foam mattresses mold themselves to your body shape, making for a superior night’s rest. If your house gets cold in the winter, consider an electric blanket for ultimate warmth. Invest in good quality cotton sheets, which will stay crisp and cool during summer and warm in colder months.

Cozy-Bedroom-Design-with-Stone-WallUse soft and subtle lighting

Spotlights and strip lighting may ooze urban chic, but feeling as if you’re under interrogation, or worse, in an operating theatre is no fun at all. Switch the spots for something more ambient; install a dimmer to take the blaze out of ceiling lights, use soft-glow bulbs for a delicate, peaceful illumination and use candles tastefully to add luster to the darkest corners.

Display your comfy stash

When you’re watching a movie on the sofa, you don’t want to have to give up and go to bed just when it’s getting good because of a draught. Keep soft, textured throws and chenille blankets draped or folded somewhere handy. Not only do they look lush: they’re perfect for cowering under when you just can’t watch the scary bits!

Keep on your toes

If you have laminate flooring or thin carpet, buy a cozy rug. It will protect areas of the floor with heavy traffic and add dimension and focus to any room. They also feel great under bare feet!

Comfort: digitized

There’s a whole gamut of gimmicks designed with comfort in mind, ranging from heated foot warmers and shoulder pads to massage chairs and meditation fountains. To try and use all of these would be silly, but one or two little comfort indulgences are totally acceptable.

After a hard day’s work, your house is your haven, so forget perfection, and strive instead for feeling welcome, relaxed and protected from the stresses of the outside world. If you do, you’ll feel there really is no place like it.



  • Melissa S

    I agree that investing one or to luxury comfort items, like footwarmers for those chilly evenings is a great idea.

  • nancyfancypink

    Thanks for the tips! I really like the idea of improving the comfort of the bedroom. Soft lighting is a good way to help make it happen!

  • Shannon

    LOL! I love scary movies but I hate watching really gory bits or even when I watch House I can’t watch them do certain procedures like drilling into a brain or when they stick needles into eyes. These are all great tips, thank you for sharing.

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