Trail Cam Friday 8/14/2020

First a shout out to Miss Barbra!! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

Now, on to the photos. I thought I would start with the new Trail Cam from Coolife. I’m impressed with the pictures! The spot is pretty good too. Apparently, it’s a deer-only path because that is ALL this camera picked up. But it picked up a couple of great shots of the fawn!

The second trail cam is set up on the side of the house pointing down toward the lake. This camera I hadn’t checked in quite a long time. This one picked up turkeys the most, followed by our girl Bear, a real bear, some deer and a mystery dog.

Last but not least the main trail cam that faces the house. Only deer. I think I will move one of the cameras to right outside my craft room door and see who comes to visit there…..

And the final picture worth posting is proof that are yard is where the kids make out at night!!

Kissing deer



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