Trail Cam Friday!! #TrailCam #IdahoWildlife

So, remember when I said I was moving the trail cam? I put it between the house and the barn. Look at my creative trail cam holder. And the look of “What is she doing NOW” On The Husband’s face! And half of ME!

Turns out to be A PERFECT spot!!! My friends are protected from the weather. I even caught some dancin’ out there!


The first few pictures were soooooo crisp and clear! I was giddy. THEN….. the FINGERPRINTS showed up. Let’s NOT name names (THE HUSBAND!) moved the camera and left behind 3 very nice fingerprints (IN THE CENTER OF THE LENS!) that made all the rest of the pictures well…… *yucky.  *NOT the first, second or twelfth word to come to mind. I a long string of *yucky words I might add.

Since I hate for you not to have some really crisp clear pictures, the following are from the trip to the mailbox in the 4×4 we call The Mule. Our road is soooooo bad, it may be April before I get out again.

So, the trail cam lens has been cleaned. The camera has been reset. We’ll see what we get next week!

I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day!!!

19 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday!! #TrailCam #IdahoWildlife

  1. I figured for my comment today, I’d go back to before 2020 became, well, so 2020, lol. Move your camera back to this spot! See if the dancer comes back.

    1. Shannon, I love my deer. We are going to the North 40 next week I was snowshoes. So we can hike in the snow. They are the kind that are wider almost shaped in tennis racket?. That should be fun. I think.

  2. Hahahaha I love the look on your hubby’s face and that cam holder is adorable! You got some GREAT photos of your deer!

  3. I’m cracking up! I like the “holder,” it is adorable! It is a good place for the cam, you are lucky to have all that wildlife! All we have at night are burglars stealing cars and what not! Your hubby wouldn’t make a good criminal, leaving his fingerprints all over the place!

    1. Rosie, SERIOUSLY!! WHO TOUCHES THE CAMERA LENS?!??! Sorry I am shouting it’s just ……. WHY?! Men!! Gesh!!
      I love that little holder too. Although that snow pile that it’s resting on is melting slowly but surely.

  4. I need a trail cam, lol. I’d love capturing photos of anything around the house. I’m sure we wouldn’t get the great wildlife that you do, but hey, there was a bear wandering around my hometown a while back. Lots of people got pics of him on their security cameras, and a few people stepped out their door, met him, and ran back in, very quickly!!

  5. You have some awesome pictures. Looks like your buck is strutting himself around the ladies. I also love the selfies. Lol

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