Transforming a Bedroom into a Solace for Him (and Her)

If you’ve pleasantly allowed a manly decorated bedroom to dictate your surroundings for an extended period, it’s time to choose a lighter and airier approach so that your bedroom will still have a masculine vibe, but with a feminine touch. It may be challenging developing a room that works for both him and her, but once you’ve incorporated warm neutrals and allowed hints of elegance to fit into a space, you’ll enjoy an interior that’s simple beautiful for the both of you.

Earthy Materials

Start out with shams and two small pillows that are made out of earthy materials such as obi fabric and kimono and place them on your bed. Your husband or significant other will love the earthly feel to the room, and you will adore the calming effect it will have on you after you arrive home from a long day at work. Beautiful fabrics that have a nice texture with a slight contrast will beautifully encompass a space.

Porcelain wood flooring

Try switching up the flooring in your bedroom to accommodate a space that’s ideal for both him and her. Hardwood flooring can be nice, but sometimes it can be expensive and hard to maintain. As an alternative to hardwood flooring, porcelain wood tiles are more durable, affordable, and as a bonus are a lot better for the environment. JC Floors Plus has the perfect collection of Spanish and Italian selections, in a variety of styles and finishes. You can also consider additional home improvements, such as custom-made doors in various styles to match the flooring in your home.

Spacious sofas

If you have a master bedroom that’s large enough, consider placing l-shaped sofas in your space. That way on the weekends you can kick back and relax in your bedroom that will have an uplifting and calming effect on you with its soft gray bedspread and neutral walls. Your furry pet may also love the sofas in your master bedroom and may make it into their bed at night. That’s alright as long as they don’t shed that much! Enjoy placing an l-shaped sofa that will look manly and feminine simultaneously with its leather material and practical design.

Tufted headboard

Have you thought about adding a tufted headboard to your space? If your interior is missing something, a headboard might be it. An attractive headboard will instantly add charm to a space that’s already cozy and inviting and together with your bed’s comfy bedding and lovely colors, the look will certainly look beautiful.

Minimal art

For the last step to creating a lovely room just for her (and him), keep things simple by going with minimal art. If your bedroom already has warm neutrals, earthy materials, and soft leather sofas, opt for just a few modern pieces of art like a painting of a scenic location or minimal art that won’t take away from your space. Now both he and she will be happy without ultimately making the room either his or her space!


  • Darcy Koch

    I live alone so decorating my room to suit me is no problem. I do use cool and relaxing colors with minimal decor. I feel very comfortable in it.

  • Karen R

    I love the look of the porcelain wood look tiles. I wish our Master bedroom was bigger. It’s just big enough for a bed, two dressers, a nightstand and bench.

  • Sue E

    In my opinion, these are great ideas for younger people, people that just moved in, or people who just want a change/upgrade to their home.
    I am disabled and have an electronic bed and my room is setup so I can get around and reach things easily. My wonderful husband doesn’t mind the setup. He says as long as we can be together, he doesn’t care! He also says there is a reason it’s called a “bed”room!
    I just love him – he is my best medicine!

  • michele

    I think an area with the said sofa is the best part of making a bedroom a warm cozy quiet spot.. The hardwood floors are really what I love.. we have some porcelain but I do not find it has the warmth of real wood….

  • Tamra Phelps

    These are good ideas for those who share a bedroom. I love earth tones, even though I don’t have to worry about sharing a room.

  • Janet W.

    My bedroom is definitely my happy (quiet) place. These are such good tips. I love the idea of a smaller type sofa in the master bedroom!

  • clojo9372

    I love hardwood floors, but we have porcelain tiled floors in our home. I never seen porcelain wood tiles before! I would love that for my bedroom. If I ever remodel it, I would get those for sure! 🙂

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